‘Broad knowledge, mature profile’

Talent Partner MÖBIUS has our Masters students in its sights

At the end of May consultancy firm MÖBIUS renewed its corporate partnership with Vlerick. “This Talent Partnership is fully in line with our ambitious growth plans, which call for a major recruitment drive,” explains Nathalie Vermassen, HR and General Manager at MÖBIUS.

This latest announcement means that MÖBIUS is now in its seventh year as a corporate partner of Vlerick.

Nathalie Vermassen: “As a Prime Foundation Partner, we’ve mainly focused on business process management issues in the past six years. It’s been an enormously enriching experience, but given MÖBIUS’s ambitions for growth, we need to embark on a massive recruitment drive: over the next couple of years we’re looking to expand our workforce from 140 to 200. A Talent Partnership with Vlerick ties in perfectly with that.”

What kind of profile is MÖBIUS looking for?

“We’re primarily seeking suitable candidates for positions as business consultants, working directly with our clients - often in-house. We already have about 15 Vlerick graduates on our payroll and that has been a really positive experience. The profile of a Masters graduate in General Management or Finance Management seems to work particularly well.”

Why is that?

“Vlerick alumni have not only the requisite management skills but also - in particular - a broad interest in various sectors. That’s important to us, because as business consultants they come into contact with all sorts of areas, such as HR, finance, marketing, etc. It’s also noticeable that they’re used to working as part of a team, giving presentations, working in English, thinking out of the box, and so on. Both hard and soft skills are well-honed. That one Masters year at Vlerick gives them a maturity that’s invaluable in our business.”

How does Vlerick facilitate the recruitment process for you as Talent Partner?

“Chiefly through the career fairs in the first half of the academic year. A Vlerick career fair is no ordinary job fair, where the corporate participants are just given a table and two chairs, as it were. No, as an organisation you can demonstrate your expertise by giving a presentation and taking part in a debate. That makes it a highly effective platform for employer branding. For me personally, one of the great advantages of our corporate partnership with Vlerick is the network of HR professionals I’ve been able to develop over the years. That’s proved to be an inspiring source of best practices.”