Matching DNA

Hudson and Vlerick have taken the logical next step with upgrade to Chair Partnership

Last year, long-standing Prime Foundation Partner Hudson upgraded its partnership to a Chair. “It was the logical next step,” explains Luc Drieghe, Director Public Sector & Talent Management at Hudson Belgium. The research under this Hudson Chair on “Managing the Talent of the Future” is being carried out in our Centres of Excellence in Career Management, People Performance and Strategic Rewards.

“There’s just a natural fit between our organisations. We, too, have become a trusted advisor to our clients. And knowledge is at the very core of our identity as well. Incidentally, R&D for our global operations – a 30-strong team – is located in Ghent.” Luc pauses before adding: “Vlerick is a high-calibre knowledge organisation of international standing. Like Vlerick, we focus on knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and knowledge application to bring added value to our clients. Logic almost dictates that we should team up. We’ve been working together for many years now, and I believe to our mutual satisfaction. This Chair takes our partnership to a whole new level.”

Collective bonuses and trends

The Chair Partnership will run for three years. Research on strategic rewards, with Professor Xavier Baeten, is already underway and is currently focusing on the collective bonus linked to results, as defined under collective agreement no. 90. “In order to identify and analyse current practices with regard to this type of bonus scheme, our periodic salary survey will include several questions developed together with Xavier. This coming June we’ll be organising a Hudson event where we’ll report on the outcome of the survey and Xavier will be one of the speakers there,” says Luc.

Are there any other plans in the pipeline? “Professor Dirk Buyens and researchers from the Centre of Excellence in Career Management will be conducting research into trends in HRM. And we’ll shortly be exploring research opportunities with Professor Koen Dewettinck and the Centre of Excellence in People Performance.”

Being part of a community

On the research front, it’s still early days to anticipate specific results. But Luc believes the time has been more than well spent: “While we’ve been planning and getting various research projects off the ground, we’ve also been active in several steering committees, network platforms and work groups. Being part of the Vlerick community, having our people participate in Vlerick’s activities, sharing experiences and ideas and, through Vlerick, being able to engage with the HR and business communities is as important an aspect of our partnership as the research is.”

Looking forward, Luc believes this Chair will further their relationship with us, by offering them the opportunity to connect with their stakeholders in an informal way as well as on a more formal basis, through research.

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