‘The right talent with the right DNA in the right place’

Lidl renews Talent Partnership

Besides being committed to supplying fresh produce, supermarket chain Lidl puts a premium on quality to set itself apart from other retailers. And that goes for recruitment too. Reason enough for Lidl to make the decision to renew its 2012 Talent Partnership. “Through this partnership, we attract the right talent with the right DNA to help our organisation grow further,” explains Employer Branding & Sourcing Manager Thomas De Ganck.

‘Think critically, act pragmatically’

“For many people, retail seems to be a simple ‘in & out’ business model. But the sector is in fact much more complex, given the constant interaction between shopping experience, supplier relations, logistics, quality, freshness and price. So it’s important to see past that complexity and strive for simplicity.” Besides quality, simplicity is something that Lidl feels strongly about, but if Lidl wants to keep growing, it needs people who can think critically and act pragmatically, demonstrating a sense of responsibility. Both MBA and Masters students from Vlerick have that in their DNA. Add to this their expertise in retail – one of the areas in which the School aims to excel – and it is no wonder Lidl has recruited ten Vlerick graduates in the past three years. “We also find that as soon as Vlerick Masters graduates have completed a Management Trainee Programme at Lidl they’re able to take on a management position in retail operations, in purchasing or in one of our project departments.”

More than recruitment

But recruitment is not the only “win” for Lidl in this partnership: “The Vlerick Retail Platform and events such as the Vlerick HR Day are often a source of inspiration and innovation for our employees. It’s an opportunity for them to stand back, take a helicopter view of their professional environment and come up with some fresh ideas.” The programmes Vlerick offers, such as the Executive MBA and the Executive Master Class in HRM, have also proved popular with Lidl employees. “These courses help them work on their personal and skills development. This is how we invest in our workforce and in our future. With the retail industry getting more and more competitive, it’s a good way to keep everyone on their toes.”


Will the renewed partnership take a different tack? “Recruitment will continue to be our primary focus,” Thomas confirms. “The format of this Talent Partnership works, so basically nothing will change. Members of our management team always attend events such as Meet the Corporates at the end of September, where we get to know MBA and Masters students from the current academic year. We do, however, have to keep surprising Vlerick candidates if we want to interest them in a job in retail. Being surprising is also a typical Lidl trait… And I hope we’ll do just that with our new recruitment drive.”

Curious about what a Lidl Management Trainee Programme entails? Take a look at www.durfjijhetaan.be