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Kerstin Fehre
Professor of Strategy

10 July 2018

“I believe it’s my duty to help build the future, to try and have an impact. And Vlerick is a place where I can do that.”

Corporate strategy, managerial discretion, commitment to the status quo, temporal focus, CEO succession, legitimacy effects of CSR, controlling instruments in start-ups, cultural differences in diversity management – Kerstin Fehre’s research interests seem broad and varied. “But they can all be summarised under the umbrella of strategic decision-making”, she says smiling. Kerstin was recently appointed professor of strategy. She will also be closely involved in the new Centre for Excellence in Adaptive Strategy.

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Robin Kleer
Professor of Innovation Management

10 October 2017

“Teaching at Vlerick will be all the more interesting for me because the School has a sophisticated selection process, so I can expect critical feedback and challenging discussions with very engaged and highly qualified students.”

“I’ve been working in the field of technology and innovation management for some time now”, says Robin Kleer, who was recently appointed Professor of Innovation Management. “I study how firms can better organise their R&D.” Robin joins us from the TU Berlin en the RWTH Aachen University, where he was Professor in Technology and Innovation Management and Assistant Professor, respectively.

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Fred Lemke
Professor of Marketing and Sustainability

03 October 2017

“For me, working at Vlerick is not just a job, it’s part of my life. My motto is to always give my best. Don’t do average. And my colleagues at Vlerick don’t do average either. They all want to make a difference.”

Fred Lemke was recently appointed Professor of Marketing and Sustainability. He joins us from Newcastle University Business School, where he was a full professor, the School Director of Research, and Joint Department Head of the Marketing, Operations and Systems Group. What are his areas of expertise, what brought him to us and what does he hope to achieve?

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Fredrik Hacklin
Professor of Entrepreneurship

20 February 2017
“I want to continue help established firms in becoming better at reinventing themselves and turning into more entrepreneurial, agile organisations,”

“What are the consequences and implications of technological change, digital disruption and blurring industry boundaries for an established firm?” With a background in strategy, technology and innovation, Fredrik Hacklin has a keen interest in strategic entrepreneurship, lying at the intersection of these fields. He joined Vlerick as Professor of Entrepreneurship in February 2017.

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Martin Weiss
Assistant Professor of Strategy

16 January 2017
“I want to create an impact”

Professor Martin Weiss has been a visiting professor since 2013 and was recently appointed professor of Strategy. Before pursuing an academic career, Martin worked as a strategy consultant. What are his areas of expertise, what does he hope to achieve, what drives him and also, what attracted him to our School?

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Barbara Briers
Associate Professor

26 January 2016
“As a researcher, I am not only interested in people, I also like working with people”

After Paris and Tilburg, Barbara Briers set her sights on the home front: Leuven. She recently started as Associate Professor of Marketing at Vlerick Business School. “I am primarily concerned with social themes. I think it is important that my research results make a valuable contribution to everyday life”.

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Azzim Gulamhussen
Professor of Banking and Finance

23 June 2015
“I want to help turn knowledge into wisdom”

Professor Mohamed Azzim Gulamhussen, a senior banking academic, was recently appointed Professor of Financial Institutions. He joined us from the renowned Portuguese university ISCTE, where he was Associate Professor (with aggregation) and President of the Finance Research Centre, President of the Business Research Unit and Dean of the Business School. We asked him about his areas of expertise, his reasons for choosing us and his drive and ambitions.

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David Veredas
Professor of Financial Markets

04 September 2015
“I’m committed not only to excelling in teaching and research but also to collaborating with colleagues in order to boost existing projects and create new ones that will add value for the School.”

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better... My first academic mentor was a professor from the University Carlos III of Madrid, where I was an undergraduate. He believed in me and took me under his wing. Among many things he taught me this quote from Samuel Beckett, which I believe captures the determination and patience that drive me,” says David Veredas, who recently joined us as professor of financial markets.

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Barney Jordaan
Professor of Management Practice: Negotiation, Conflict Management, Mediation

19 September 2014
“I want to continue help established firms in becoming better at reinventing themselves and turning into more entrepreneurial, agile organisations”

“I firmly believe in the Golden Rule of reciprocity: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” This is what drives seasoned expert in negotiation, conflict management and dispute resolution, Barney Jordaan, who was recently appointed professor of negotiation at Vlerick Business School.

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Yuliya Shymko
Assistant Professor

“Vlerick Business School provides you with a whole range of professional experiences that go beyond purely academic work. Moreover it opens up a space of possibilities for personal growth and professional development”

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