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Boost your digital business with vlerick talent

Want to set up or improve your digital marketing and get results?

Nowadays customers are “always on”: they are online and looking on the internet to find solutions to their problems in the B2C as well as the B2B context. That’s why companies need to go the extra digital mile!

Monitoring, strengthening and improving your digital presence will have a positive impact on your sales: creating visibility, building consistency, establishing your authority, nurturing your relationships and making a positive first impression.

But where do you start or how can you go further?

We’ve got great news for you: our dynamic and ambitious team of digital marketing students is ready to tackle these challenges for you.

During 2 months, our digital marketing talents will set up and work actively on a digital marketing campaign for your company covering all aspects: from understanding your customers and the market, formulating a marketing plan in line with your company’s strategy, defining KPIs, to actually implementing and reporting on the digital marketing campaign. Let them analyse and improve your online presence and fully roll out a digital marketing campaign.

This campaign will run over 3 courses as part of the Masters in Marketing & Digital Transformation programme, ensuring the latest Digital Marketing trends and insights to be directly applied to your company.

I knew the importance of Google Ads, but never had the time to look into it. Working with the Vlerick marketing students on our Digital Marketing Campaign was an all-round positive experience for our organisation. Throughout the campaign, we received frequent and clear updates which resulted in a smooth and professional collaboration. At the end of the project, they gave us a detailed hand-over making sure there were no unanswered questions and all was clear. Thanks to this experience, we haven’t only increased the number of visits to our website, but we have also gained more insights into the online behaviour of our (potential) visitors and how we can use this to our advantage. I highly recommend it!
Annelies Vereecke
Communications manager at WISPER

What our digital marketing talents will deliver:

  • A content plan and content for your social media channels or website
  • The creation and/or optimisation of Google Ads campaigns (search and display)
  • An SEO audit report to improve your brand’s organic ranking in Google
  • The production and launch of 1 company video
  • A final evaluation of the digital marketing campaign

Practical information:

  • Timing Digital Marketing Campaign: November – January
  • Please register your company and project before Monday 3 October 2022. Contact us now.
  • Our digital marketing students will be guided and coached by marketing faculty throughout the process
  • Setting up a digital marketing campaign is an essential part of their Masters in Marketing & Digital Transformation programme and is therefore fully integrated into 3 core courses (Digital Advertising & SEO; Content and Social Media Marketing; and Online Video Marketing).


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Kimberly Pauwels

Kimberly Pauwels

In-Company Projects Coordinator