Alumni Progress Club: Trends in geopolitics and finance

One of 10 personal development lectures by the Alumni Progress Club

6 May 2024
6.30 PM - 10 PM
€ 95
This event has passed.
6 May 2024
6.30 PM - 10 PM
€ 95
Topical event

Geopolitical events can drastically impact the fates of both companies and investments. In this engaging lecture, we explore how geopolitical swings can make or break both companies and economies – and how geopolitical and financial trends are inextricably linked. Which countries, sectors and organisations are most at risk? And which stand to benefit? Join us to find out.

This is one of 10 evening lectures on personal development from the Alumni Progress Club.

The stable economic order between countries can be rapidly undermined with sudden changes in policy. Trump’s protectionist – and some may say, bullying - policies soured relations with China, for example.

And post-pandemic, enthusiasm for globalisation has crumbled with the realisation that supply and demand chains can be fragile and easily broken.

Today’s savvy investor needs to understand the potential impact of geopolitical factors – and learn to guard against them.


Christian Van den Heede

Christian J. Van den Heede

Portfolio Manager at Fiducenter Asset Management Luxembourg

Christian is an experienced portfolio manager. He has a Masters in Law and a Masters in General Management from Vlerick.

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