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Vlerick HR Day 2023

HR practitioners meet HR academy

14 June 2023
8.30 AM - 5 PM (GMT +02:00)
€ 895
This event has currently no future edition.
14 June 2023
8.30 AM - 5 PM (GMT +02:00)
€ 895
Topical event

The Vlerick HR Day is returning for its 18th edition! Get on top of the newest HR trends and grow your network. And... we have 51 academic speakers and practitioners lined up to share their insights and experiences with you.

We look forward to welcoming you on our Ghent Campus on Wednesday, 14 June 2023!

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Want to get a flavour for the Vlerick HR Day? Watch the video to get a feel for the energy, atmosphere and connection you’ll experience at this must-attend event. Join us for expert insights, networking, new approaches – and fun. You’ll leave energised, and ready to make an even greater impact in your organisation.

Keynote speakers

Dirk Buyens BW

Prof Dr Dirk Buyens

Vlerick Business School

Navigating the HR reinvention

Mindy Howard BW

Dr Mindy Howard

Future Astronaut/Astronaut Trainer

Train like an astronaut for success on earth

How can you reach your dreams? Mindy Howard talks about her atypical journey towards becoming an astronaut and shares her insights on the importance of situational awareness to optimise performance.

Kurt Verweire BW

Prof Dr Kurt Verweire

Vlerick Business School

Strategizing in turbulent times: lessons for HR 

Corporate life has become a bumpy ride. Prof Kurt Verweire will share a new arsenal of strategic tools and approaches to tackle tumultuous times and how HR can contribute to this new strategy process.

Els van der Helm BW

Dr Els van der Helm

Sleep Neuroscientist

The power of sleep for organisations

Learn how sleep impacts our performance, what happens in our brain when we sleep, and how you most effectively repay your sleep debt.

Detailed programme

8.30 AM
9.30 AM
Registration & welcome coffee
Keynote 1
Keynote 2
Keynote 3
Keynote 4
12.00 PM
1.30 PM
Lunch & networking
Afternoon sessions PART 1 - CHOOSE 1 OF 6
3.00 PM
3.45 PM
Coffee break
Afternoon sessions PART 2 - CHOOSE 1 OF 6
5.15 PM
Reception & networking

Lunch & Learn

Optional: participate in a sponsored lunch & learn session!

Session 1 (Indeed): Newest trends in today’s competitive labour market

Sara Cauwenbergh, Talent Strategy Advisor Benelux at Indeed

This is the perfect time to take advantage of the latest developments in the labour market

The labour market is undergoing a strong transition. The scarcity of talent continues to rise and employers are pulling out all the stops to attract the right people at the right moment. We discuss the developments we are currently seeing, and we look at shifts in the market. We discuss where the opportunities lie and the risks involved. In brief:

  • You gain insights and discover trends in the Belgian labour market
  • As an employer, you learn how to actively look for talent in a competitive labour market
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Session 2 (Loyens & Loeff): Strategic use of benefits including supplementary pensions anno 2023

Joris Beernaert and Kris De Schutter

In HR, reward is a key element to retain talents and can also be a powerful source of motivation for employees. 
Labour costs are quite high in Belgium and the government often has to make difficult choices in setting priorities. Besides, and to ensure their employees’ purchase power while limiting the costs, companies have access to a panel of reward tools that have been developed over the years. Index caps, new reward tools, and other quick wins will be discussed during this session, giving participants some food for thoughts to define smart reward strategies while reducing their costs in the long run.
As the government might decide to change the taxation of many benefits in kind, will companies still have any interest in offering warranties and/or option schemes to their employees? Under which circumstances? Can a supplementary pension be implemented in a smart way or could there be a more interesting alternative?
Two believers in smart reward, Kris De Schutter and Joris Beernaert, will debate these questions to open the reflection.

Loyens Loeff
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Najwa Abid BW

Najwa Abid

Head of Corporate Talent DEME Group

Sana Afouaiz BW

Sana Afouaiz

Founder & CEO Womenpreneur-Initiative

Stijn Baert BW

Prof Dr Stijn Baert

Ghent University

Marcelo Ballardin BW

Marcelo Ballardin

Chef/Owner Oak Gent

Yves Beauvois BW

Yves Beauvois

Head of Human Resources Manager ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Colja Boennemann BW

Colja Boennemann

Sustainability Product Manager Innovation and Business Transformation ExxonMobil Product Solutions

Anette Böhm BW

Anette Böhm

Chief Human Resources Officer bpost

Ben Boury BW

Ben Boury

Managing Partner Restaurant Boury

Dirk Buyens BW

Prof Dr Dirk Buyens

Vlerick Business School

Tinka Claeys BW

Tinka Claeys

Head of Creative Partnerships Klara VRT

Maret Dakaeva BW

Maret Dakaeva

Trainer inclusieve HR-processen Hands-On Inclusion

Ann-Sophie De Baere BW

Ann-Sophie De Baere

Talent Specialist DEME Group

Stef De corte2 BW

Stef De corte

CEO smartphoto group NV

Monica De Jonghe BW

Monica De Jonghe

Director General and Executive Manager competence centre Labour & Social Security VBO-FEB

Pieter-Jan De Man BW

Pieter-Jan De Man

Director STAS

Katleen De Stobbeleir BW

Prof Dr Katleen De Stobbeleir

Vlerick Business School

Dirk De Wachter BW Fotograaf Kristof Ghyselinck

Dirk De Wachter

Pyschiater-Pyschotherapeut UPC KU Leuven

Lisbeth Decneut BW

Lisbeth Decneut

Chief Human Resources Officer Imec

Joachim Decock BW

Joachim Decock

Head of People & Organisation Western Europe Novartis

Laurence Dewaele BW

Laurence Dewaele

Co-auteur ‘Eat, sleep, negotiate’

Koen Dewettinck BW

Prof Dr Koen Dewettinck

Vlerick Business School

Andreea Daniela Gorbatai BW

Prof Dr Andreea Gorbatai

Vlerick Business School

Samir Hacene BW

Samir Hacene

People Director Telenet

Jannie Haek BW

Jannie Haek

CEO National Lottery

Myriam Hoste BW

Myriam Hoste

Chief People Officer MEDIAGENIX NV

Mindy Howard BW

Dr Mindy Howard

Future Astronaut/Astronaut Trainer

Margot Joosen BW

Dr Margot Joosen

Tilburg University

Evelien Kippers BW

Evelien Kippers

HR Project Leader Imec

Jeroen Lemaire BW

Jeroen Lemaire

CEO & Co-founder In The Pocket

Erik Luts BW

Erik Luts

Chief Innovation Officer & Member of the Executive Committee KBC Group

Philippe Miossec BW

Philippe Miossec

Change management lead quality 4.0 GSK

Lore Moerman2 BW

Lore Moerman

Chef/Owner The Wan & Only

Jan Ooms BW

Jan Ooms

Head of HR & Change Brussels Airlines

Anik Stalmans BW

Anik Stalmans

Chief HR and ESG Officer Cegeka

Katia Tieleman BW

Prof Dr Katia Tieleman

Vlerick Business School

Bart Van Bambost BW

Bart Van Bambost

Chief Human Resources Officer Nipro Europe Group Companies

Els van der Helm BW

Dr Els van der Helm

Sleep Neuroscientist

Thomas Van Eeckhout BW

Thomas Van Eeckhout

CEO-Partner EASI

Sofie Van Eemeren BW

Sofie Van Eemeren

HR & People Lead Mobile Vikings

Karin Van Roy BW

Karin Van Roy

Chief Human Resources Officer Arvesta

Sophie Vandamme BW

Sophie Vandamme

Chief HR Officer Lidl

Karlien Vanderheyden BW

Prof Dr Karlien Vanderheyden

Vlerick Business School

Jean Vanhoegaerden BW

Prof Dr Jean Vanhoegaerden

Vlerick Business School

Maarten Vansteenkiste BW

Prof Dr Maarten Vansteenkiste

Ghent University

Annelies Verlinden BW

Annelies Verlinden

Minister van Binnenlandse Zaken, Institutionele Hervormingen en Democratische Vernieuwing Belgische Federale Regering

Leen Verstraete BW

Leen Verstraete

Global HR BP Merck Group

Kurt Verweire BW

Prof Dr Kurt Verweire

Vlerick Business School

Valerie Vinck BW

Valerie Vinck

Departementshoofd personeel & organisatie UZ Gent

Sandra Wilikens BW

Sandra Wilikens

Chief HR Officer & Member of the Executive Board BNP Paribas Fortis

Bart Wille BW

Prof Dr Bart Wille

Ghent University

Nadine Zimmermann BW

Nadine Zimmermann

Chef/Owner Restaurant Heritage

Vlerick HR Day

Vlerick HR Day

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