Arnoud Raskin

Entrepreneur in Residence

Renowned social entrepreneur Arnoud Raskin is the co-founder of Mobile School and StreetwiZe. Mobile School provides education for street children around the world, and under Arnoud’s leadership, it has become a global organisation. It runs 40+ schools in more than 20 countries – and connects with 60,000 street children every year.

StreetwiZe creates talent development and leadership training for corporate clients. Its profits are invested in Mobile School, so Arnoud can continue helping children to get an education.

Arnoud authored the book StreetwiZe: What managers can learn from street kids. He is an Ashoka Fellow – and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Vlerick Entrepreneurship Academy.

Who am I?

  • Management Acceleration Programme at Vlerick Business School
  • Cultures and development studies, Anthropology at KU Leuven
  • Product Design, Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg

My expertise

  • Social entrepreneurship

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