Bram Desmet

Adjunct Professor of Decision Sciences

Bram is passionate about supply chain, strategy and advanced analytics

Bram Desmet is on a mission to help companies create sustainable change and value through supply chain and operations. In his book, Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics, Bram sets out the balancing act between service, cost and cash that companies face today. He calls this the Supply Chain Triangle. He’s also the author of The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain.

In his academic work, Bram connects supply chain, strategy and finance through financial metrics, to show how supply chain has become the centrepiece of the business. As a consultant, he helps global industrial and retail companies to transforming their supply chains and operations.

Parallel to his academic career, Bram is CEO of Solventure. As Adjunct Professor at Vlerick, he teaches statistics and decision sciences on the Executive MBA and supply chain finance on the Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management.

Who am I?

  • Adjunct Professor at Vlerick Business School
  • Professor at Ghent University and Peking University (China)
  • Executive MBA at Vlerick Business School
  • Doctor in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Ghent University
  • Master in Mathematics at Ghent University

My expertise

  • Strategy
  • Change management
  • Business transformation