Jeroen Verbouw

Doctoral Researcher, Accounting & Finance

Jeroen Verbouw is a doctoral researcher at Vlerick and Ghent University. He started his PhD in 2019, under the supervision of Professor Sophie Manigart and Professor Tom Vanacker. He’s currently spending the 2021-22 academic year at Tilburg University’s finance department.

Jeroen’s research focuses on corporate and entrepreneurial finance – specifically, how entrepreneurial firms are financed, how a firm’s financing choice impacts its future development and how institutional differences impact relationships.

On the supply side of the entrepreneurial finance market, he looks at how and why certain investors co-invest – for example, why venture capitalists co-invest with business angels – and how early-stage investors make their investment decisions.

Who am I?

  • Doctoral Researcher at Vlerick Business School and Ghent University
  • Visiting PhD student at Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • Master in Business Economics at Ghent University

My expertise

  • Corporate finance
  • Private equity
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Venture capital