Koen Vingerhoets

Executive in Residence

Koen Vingerhoets is Blockchain Evangelist and Business Architect at the Fujitsu Blockchain Lab – and is considered one of Belgium’s leading blockchain experts. He’s a well-respected speaker at national conferences and has hosted sessions on trends in blockchain and finance for Febelfin.

Koen’s experience crosses blockchain technology (as well as IT in general), financial services, law, ecosystems, innovation and organisational change. He mainly teaches about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance. He is a member of the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum’s expert panel, Blockchain4Belgium and the Beltug Blockchain Task Force. Koen has previously held roles at Deloitte, Belfius, KBC and Claeys & Engels.

As an Executive in Residence at Vlerick, Koen is a guest lecturer on our Fintech Bootcamp – and he also takes part in business research. He collaborates closely with Professor Bjorn Cumps.

Who am I?

  • Executive in Residence at Vlerick Business School
  • Master in Law at the University of Antwerp
  • Autodidact IT professional

My expertise

  • Blockchain for business (cross-sector)
  • Business and enterprise architecture
  • Cryptocurrencies, token economics and NFTs
  • DeFi (decentralised finance)
  • Business ecosystems
  • Gaming technology