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Koenraad Belsack

Entrepreneur in Residence

Co-CEO and founder of Upgrade Estate, Koenraad inspires future entrepreneurs with his drive and passion

Extrapreneur Koenraad Belsack is driven by a goal to connect people – and he does this by creating environments for communities to grow. He has worked in real estate for more than 20 years and is founder and co-CEO of Upgrade Estate. The company has various housing brands – including Upkot for students, Upliving for young professionals and Upoffiz for SMEs.

Koenraad focuses on strategy, sustainability, people, business models, asset management and growth. He believes that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are more than a solution – they’re an opportunity. And he is passionate about personal development. All of Upgrade Estate’s stakeholders get free membership for the Upgrade Academy, a space where they can grow and innovate as individuals.

The Buckingham strengths test showed that Koenraad’s top talents are significance, maximisation, idea generator, analytical and confident. He brings these to his role as Entrepreneur in Residence at the Vlerick Entrepreneurship Academy

My expertise

  • Strategy
  • Business models
  • SDGs
  • Construction
  • Finance for non-listed companies
  • Real estate development

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