With Vlerick powering your company’s insight, so much becomes possible

Partnering with Vlerick gives your strategy additional gravitas – as well as inspiration, insight – and a wealth of opportunities

Your company’s partnership with Vlerick unlocks doors to a world of possibilities. It’s a catalyst for new thinking, new relationships – and continuing success for your business. Partnership can mean increasing your organisation’s influence, broadening its networks, attracting great talent and having expert support and inspiration. However your company partners with us, we’ll help you keep its thinking, network and opportunities at the cutting edge. 


Exclusive insights

Some of the most prominent businesses in Europe partner with Vlerick to enhance their decision-making. Our impartial, academic insights, tools and methodologies keep you at the forefront of business thinking. As a Vlerick partner, your organisation helps to shape and co-create our research agenda. It’s knowledge that advances your organisation, cements its position as a thought leader – and allows your company to approach strategy with authority and gravitas. 

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Influential network

For senior leaders, partnership with Vlerick means accessing a network of like-minded professionals. For talent-seekers, partnership means being able to tap into a network of the brightest thinkers. Whether your company would benefit from VIP invitations to conferences and events, or from boosting its contacts in specific sectors and communities, partnership with Vlerick opens up a powerful network of opportunities. 



Enhance your organisation’s reputation when you partner with Vlerick in research, events, talent acquisition – and much more. Raise your company’s profile in your sector and in particular communities when you support Vlerick flagship events. And raise awareness of your company and brand’s thought leadership every time we stand alongside you. 

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Priority recruitment

Your company’s success tomorrow depends on the talent it can attract today. When your company partners with Vlerick, it has direct access to our students and alumni. This rich and diverse talent pool is looking for the most interesting opportunities – so reach out to them at our events, on our recruitment platform – and by supporting classroom activities, where you can see Vlerick talent in action. If recruitment is your company’s sole priority right now, a Talent Partnership could be for you.  

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Partnership formats

Modular in structure and flexible in content, our range of partnership formats can be fully customised to the specific needs and ambitions of your organisation. Whether your company wants to pave the way towards tailored research insights, network with a high-profile community of business leaders and alumni – or take its recruitment strategy to the next level, you are in the driver’s seat. Choose your format, your options and your level of engagement. 

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