35 Belgian companies crowned ‘Great Place to Work’

About 25,000 employees have cast their votes and tonight the best workplaces in Belgium were announced at the Event Lounge in Brussels. A total of 35 organisations were recognised for their excellent employership.

Great Place to Work award show 2018

Every year, we spend an average of 1,576 hours at work. The way we collaborate with our colleagues and enjoy our tasks goes a long way to determining how we feel about our job. A great place to work is an organisation where people trust their management, are proud of their jobs and enjoy being at work. The study is conducted annually by the Great Place to Work® Institute Belgium in partnership with Vlerick Business School and media partner Jobat/Mark Magazine.

Great Place to Work® examines businesses from two perspectives. The Trust Index© survey (employee questionnaire) investigates how staff experience trust, pride and team spirit at their company. In addition, the Culture Audit© question list (HR questionnaire) evaluates the employer’s policy at the organisations. What is unique about this approach is that the evaluation by the employees takes precedence. In fact, two thirds of the final score is determined by the results from the company’s own staff.

Best Workplaces 2018

 Organisations < 500 employees Organisations > 500 employees 
AEAccent Jobs
Secretary PlusMcDonald's Belgium 
XylosStart People 
Mars Belgium7DELA 
SAS Institute EY
CTG Belgium MediaMarkt
10 AbbVie 10 Bel&Bo 

Great Place to Work Certified*

  • Amgen
  • Axxes
  • Bank J.Van Breda & C°
  • Bewire
  • Codit
  • Cofidis
  • HAYS
  • inno.com
  • Manutan
  • Planet Group
  • Solvus
  • Technord SA
  • Unique
  • Upgrade Estate
  • Vente-Exclusive.com

*In alphabetical order

Special Awards for 3 exceptional business cases

Onboarding – AE
At AE, the onboarding process starts long before the first day at work. New employees are introduced to their teams before they actually start, and they are invited to several events beforehand. Throughout their first year at the organisation, employees benefit from a comprehensive training package, from socialising initiatives to intensive individual follow-up. After that first year, the HR department thanks its new employees for the excellent start.

Inclusion - EY
Despite diversity not being an issue at EY, this organisation excels in the field thanks to its many programmes promoting diversity. A few examples are ‘EveryWoman’, ‘EverYone’ and the recently launched ‘EY Unity’, the network for lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender employees.

Sustainable employability– AbbVie
‘A healthy body and mind will enable you to achieve higher levels of energy and resilience, and to effectively balance work and personal life’. That is the vision of AbbVie, and the company truly puts it into practice through countless initiatives focusing on sports, ergonomics and healthy eating, massages, table football and an ironing service. The result? A unique approach for an unrivalled work-life balance!

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