Bewire, Easi and Bank J. Van Breda & C° are Belgium’s Best Workplaces™ 2022

Despite Covid-19, many companies have managed to distinguish themselves as great places to work

Dirk Buyens

By Dirk Buyens

Professor of Human Resources Management

15 March 2022

Every year, the search for the Best Workplaces™ is carried out by the Great Place to Work® Institute Belgium in collaboration with Vlerick Business School and media partner Jobat. The results are chiefly based on the opinion of employees at the relevant companies. The research looks at organisations through two different lenses: an employee questionnaire examines how employees experience credibility, respect, pride, honesty and collegiality in their company; whilst an HR questionnaire evaluates the organisation’s human resources policy.


Great places to work are characterised by high levels of trust, combined with meaningful values and impactful leadership. This in turn leads to innovative strength and financial growth. Now more than ever there is a focus on Best Workplaces™ For all™: businesses that build an inclusive and diverse workplace in which everyone can be themselves.


Small organisations
5Upgrade Estate
8Brusol - EnergyVision
9Ormit Talent

Medium-sized organisations
4CTG Belgium
6Pauwels Consulting
7Dewaele Vastgoedgroep

Large organisations
1Bank J. Van Breda & C°

Best Workplaces 2022

Dirk Buyens, Professor of Human Resources at Vlerick Business School: “It is ever more important to focus on diversity, equality and inclusion. Increasingly, companies are recognising that an inclusive workforce is a major advantage. And that is the magical thing about these Best Workplaces: they consistently succeed in getting the very best out of their talented staff. Certain companies take account of the talent, background and experience of their staff in a structured way when putting together project teams, or when asking for feedback about business decisions. They have mechanisms available for creating accountability right across the company and they can corroborate their success with regard to impartial recruitment, remuneration, promotion and development and coaching with figures. This year, the Best Workplaces have clearly succeeded in giving highly diverse people the feeling that they play a central role and contribute fully to the business and the company culture.”

What makes these Best Workplaces™ so unique?

  1. Connection and work experience in a hybrid working environment: Best Workplaces have placed heavy emphasis on the digitisation of social interactions (e.g. ‘who’s who’ applications to get to know colleagues, or appointing cultural ambassadors who ensure a strong company culture and identity). Many of them have taken a fresh look at the layout and design of physical office spaces and have rolled out digital systems to allow colleagues to see who works where.  
  2. A broad approach to employee wellbeing: Best Workplaces opt for a more holistic approach to wellbeing by setting up an internal hub for mental wellbeing. This allows staff to share their stories, provides reading material, and uses partnerships to support employees in their mental wellbeing trajectory. Other examples include an online and anonymous ‘MyMindScan’, which uses a monthly questionnaire to gauge the mental wellbeing and resilience of staff, and small weekly discussion groups led by an experienced facilitator.
  3. Employee empowerment: Best Workplaces encourage their staff to constantly develop themselves, within a framework of trust. Staff are in control of their own learning pathway, whilst the employer equips them with the resources and support they need (such as personal career coaches who support staff in the formulation and follow-up of a personal development plan, or a personal yearbook that looks back at the employee's development over the past 12 months). Best Workplaces take a broad approach to Learning & Development (e.g. a company structure that puts people centre stage based on self-directed teams, workshops that help reflect on the strengths and passions of the team members, or an Innovation Box that invites employees to share ideas, propose challenges and collaborate on projects).

Special Awards for 3 outstanding company case studies

Axxes - Special Award for ‘Employee Empowerment’

Best Workplaces are agile organisations, because they create the right framework for flexibility by focusing on people. Axxes empowers its staff to continuously develop themselves and thus creates a framework of trust. Whether this involves digital courses, new projects or teamwork, employees are given the mandate and the choice to create their own learning pathway according to their own needs and interests.

Other nominees: CTG Belgium, Protime

Hilton – Special Award for ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’

Hilton invests heavily in human potential and makes diversity, equality and inclusion a cornerstone of their company culture. Everyone feels at home there, is able to harness their unique talents, can make a contribution, and can achieve their full potential. By putting this at the top of the agenda, companies such as Hilton are open for all and harness the differences between people as their driving force.

Other nominees: Easi, Salesforce

Torfs – Special Award for ‘Corporate Sustainability’

Best Workplaces are determined to build a better future, not only for their shareholders, but also for wider society and the environment. Torfs sets itself the goal of involving all stakeholders in shared and sustainable value creation. In this way they are also a constant source of inspiration for others wishing to go down the same path.

Other nominees: Salesforce, Upgrade Estate

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