How Daniel took the leap from the heart of Europe, with Vlerick

Daniel Kaltenecker - Investment Banking Analyst, UniCredit - Masters in Financial Management 2021

27 June 2023

“Brussels is a multicultural environment and an international business hub with many major organisations. It’s a strategic location in Europe, thriving with innovation and entrepreneurship, rich cultural heritage, and a high quality of life. It’s an important element of the Vlerick experience.

To me, Brussels is the heart of Europe. When I first entered the European district, it felt like a somehow magical place and you could really feel like this is the centre of Europe’s democracy. Brussels represents a democratic union of countries cooperating together. It’s a spirit you find in Vlerick too.

I was surprised by how many big international corporates and financial institutions have offices in Brussels, especially large American banks, insurers, and also Private Equity/debt funds. Vlerick is at the heart of all this – which gives you great opportunities to start a career there.”