EASI and Accent are the Best Workplaces 2021 of Belgium

Despite COVID-19, many companies are managing to maintain a good work culture and a high level of trust

On 16 March, the Great Place to Work® Institute Belgium once again announced the Best Workplaces™ in Belgium. The results are mainly based on the opinions of the employees in the companies concerned. The survey is conducted annually by the Great Place to Work® Institute Belgium in collaboration with Vlerick Business School and media partner Jobat.


Great places to work are characterised by a high degree of trust, combined with meaningful values and impactful leadership. A unique feature of this approach is the fact that the evaluation by the employees takes precedence. The Great Place to Work® Institute looks at companies from two perspectives: an employee survey examines how employees regard the level of trust, pride and collegiality in their company. The list of Best Workplaces is composed according to the ‘For All’ methodology, with a focus on creating a great place to work for all within the organisation.


 Small and medium-sized organisations
2 Protime
4 AE
6 Continuum
8Roche Pharmaceuticals
9CTG Belgium
10 Bewire
 Large organisations
1 Accent
2 Het Poetsbureau
4 EY
5 Democo Group

Dirk Buyens, professor of Human Resources at Vlerick Business School says, “During the most recent cycle of the Great Place to Work survey, organisations have been confronted with major challenges. As a result, some have made the choice to focus on different priorities. At the same time, we saw that a crisis like last year's had a considerable impact on the results. On the one hand, many organisations succeeded in enhancing the level of trust. Despite these difficult times, they were able to show their employees that they were there for them as employers. This was particularly true of small and medium-sized enterprises. On the other hand, it turned out to be very difficult for some organisations to keep in touch with everyone.” 

Small things can make all the difference, even – and especially – during times of crisis. A small selection of inspiring practices:

  • Communication first. From 1-to-1 calls to ask, ‘How are you?’ to video updates from the CEO, the management, etc, keeping people informed and checking on their well-being proved essential.
  • From breakfast to aperitif. Masses of boxes of goodies were delivered to employees’ homes to show appreciation for their hard work.
  • Coronavirus-proof walks became the new meeting method and meeting-free moments were set up as a break from the numerous digital meetings. Attention was paid to ergonomics in the home workplace and equipment was provided. Once again, the Best Workplaces looked for ways to function optimally while caring for their employees, even in a digital world.
  • Best Workplaces became very original in their approach to maintaining connection with their employees. Challenges were put forward, Spotify lists compiled, TV and radio stations set up. We even encountered a Christmas tree drive-in.

Special Awards for 3 outstanding business cases

Protime - Special Award for ‘Communicating in Corona Times’
Transparency, proactivity, clarity and repetition. This is what makes Protime's crisis communication strong. As a result of the digital acceleration, their pre-coronavirus approach grew into a modern way of doing business. Initiatives such as a CEO webcast, frequent team leader calls, podcasts and a coronavirus roadmap were created this year, to ensure that important messages reached as many Protimers as possible without delay.
Nominees: ACCENT Jobs, Axxes

Het Poetsbureau – Special Award for ‘Connecting in Corona Times’
The coronavirus crisis brings with it a different kind of connectedness, connectedness because we are all worried and uncertain about the future. With their red-hot Coronavirus helpline and revised multilingual and digital communication strategy, Het Poetsbureau has tried to eliminate this uncertainty among their employees. Already known for their family approach, this year they switched to being a warm, digitally connected family that didn’t miss a single opportunity to celebrate (online).
Nominees: AE, Technord

Dela – Special Award for ‘Caring in Corona Times’
The funeral sector has experienced the difficulties of the coronavirus crisis from the front row and has had to reinvent itself several times. The value of entrepreneurship, inherent in every DELA employee, has resulted – even during this past year – in creative ways of making care part of the DELA DNA. Not only do they care for their own employees, by providing sufficient protective equipment and psychological support, they also care for customers, by supporting them during their difficult and lonely farewells.
Nominees: EASI, Roche Pharmaceuticals

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