Employee engagement in a digital environment

Karlien Vanderheyden

By Karlien Vanderheyden

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Christian Wöllenstein

Christian Wöllenstein

Project Manager, OMP

Colja Bönnemann

Colja Bönnemann

Digital Transformation Lead, Exxon Mobil

10 May 2023

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology in all areas of the business to achieve its strategic goals. The focus of digital transformation projects often tends to be on the technology rather than on the human aspect. But when asked, 74% of executives cite cultural and organisational changes as the biggest challenges to a digital transformation journey, with only 26% mentioning technological changes.

Now, cultural and organisational change requires employee engagement. And, as research confirms, employee engagement is indeed critical to the success of any digital transformation, which is why we discussed it as the subject of our previous webinar organised by the Vlerick Centre for People in the Smart Digitised Supply Chain: Engaging supply chain employees in a digital environment.

Moderating the webinar was Vlerick Professor Karlien Vanderheyden.

Christian Wöllenstein, Project Manager at OMP and Colja Bönnemann, Digital Transformation Lead at Exxon Mobil, shared their views and experiences as practitioners.

A digital transformation has a profound impact on employees and their jobs. How do you ensure their engagement throughout the entire process?

Read tips, views and experiences from practitioners in this white paper.

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Ignace Decroix

Ignace Decroix

Doctoral Researcher