Making Belgium a centre of asset management excellence

New programme designed as a stimulus to strengthen Brussels’ position as a European financial centre

It is in London, Paris and Frankfurt that Europe’s financial heart lies. Although there is no doubt that Brussels also plays an important role, our position as a financial centre within Europe could certainly use a positive stimulus. Given that few high-quality asset management programmes are offered in the Benelux region, Vlerick Business School, Degroof-Petercam and Candriam have joined forces to fill the gap.


With additional support from partners AG Insurance and Belfius Investment Partners, and with the support of Beama (the Belgian Asset Management Association), a brand new and highly practical programme that will cover all aspects of asset management is due to start in mid-April.

We are focusing on people who currently work in the asset management sector, and who are looking for further professional development,” Programme Manager Jonathan De Grande explains. “However, people who aspire to work in this sector in the future are also very welcome.”

Participants can expect a programme that is extremely hands-on. “We offer an insight into what asset management is like on the ground,” Jonathan explains. “Apart from a very short theoretical and historic framework to start off with, our approach translates into testimonies from practitioners, a visit to an investment firm and direct interaction with asset managers. Moreover, the insights and lessons learned are entirely taken from professors of finance, or from people who currently work or have worked in senior management roles in the asset management sector. Finally, we are also being supported by Minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt, who will conclude the programme with a presentation.”

Johan Van Overtveldt, Minister of Finance:”This programme is exactly what we need to further strengthen Brussels’ position as a centre for asset management activities. A hands-on, practical course taught by people with many years of experience in senior asset management positions both in Belgium and abroad.”

However, the intention is to go beyond a single programme. “It is the ambition of all those involved to set up an ‘Asset Management Academy’ as well,” David Veredas, Professor of Financial Markets and Insurance at Vlerick Business School, continues. “By building up this kind of broad sector network in asset management, our aim is to strengthen Brussels’ position as a European financial centre.”

Jan Longeval, founder of Kounselor bvba, a lecturer at Vlerick Business School and co-director of the programme: “In line with Vlerick Business School’s DNA, this programme is resolutely hands-on. The tutors are all international leaders in their specific investment expertise. Here you will learn from the best to become the best yourself.”

Jan De Bondt, co-founder of Consortium Advisory Partners and co-director of the programme: “It was both a challenge and a pleasure to bring people together for this initiative!

The programme is made up of four modules and runs over 8.5 days. All programme days will take place at the Vlerick campus in Brussels. The start date is 16 April.
The programme is aimed at fund and portfolio managers, buy side and sell side analysts, private bankers, board members, family offices, investment consultants, auditing firms, institutional investors such as insurers or pension funds, finance lawyers and supervisory bodies.

What can you expect?

  • Management of various types of portfolios and asset classes: shares, bonds, mixed, hedge funds
  • Specific approaches such as portfolio protection techniques, smart beta, factor investing, life cycle investing, etc.
  • A look at the ecosystem of an investment firm
  • Measurement and evaluation of risk and return
  • Insight into the specific needs of the various types of clients
  • Regulation and legal framework of asset management
  • Order execution and communication with the client
  • New trends in asset management

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Jonathan De Grande

Jonathan De Grande

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