How do salespeople try to sell in times of Corona?

Deva Rangarajan

By Deva Rangarajan

Visiting Professor of Sales Management

24 June 2020
20200610 - deva

The Covid-19 pandemic does not only affect businesses in general, but also the sales organisation. A lot of companies are beginning to take stock of how they want to interact with their supplier salespeople, and they started looking at ways by which they could move a lot of things digital. But what does this mean for the way in which an organisation tries to use its salespeople to sell, given these trying circumstances?

In this Business Watcher video, Visiting Professor Deva Rangarajan shares insights from a survey on how sales professionals are trying to do business in Corona times and what it means for the future of the sales profession.

20200610 - deva

How do sales people try to sell in a COVID world?