When Enterprise Architecture meets digital and ecosystems

Webinar Rewind with Professor Stijn Viaene and Carl Tilkin-Franssens

Stijn Viaene

By Stijn Viaene

Professor of Digital Transformation

16 February 2022

Webinars can be an inspiring source of insights – but you may not always have time to watch them. That’s why we’ve created Webinar Rewind – a series of short videos that take you through the top highlights from our webinars.


In this edition of Webinar Rewind, Stijn Viaene, Professor of Digital Transformation and Director of the Centre for Enterprise Architecture & Digital Design, exchanges ideas with Carl Tilkin-Franssens, Expert Consultant at BDO Belgium.

Stijn poses several questions:

1/ How can Enterprise Architecture elevate itself?

Hear how Carl would help a team of top architects become business designers.

2/ What are the risks of engaging in platforms?

If you can’t create your own platform, your only option is to join an existing one. But this comes with risks. Find out how Carl would tackle this.  

3/ What would you advise C-level executives?

Discover what Carl would suggest to C-level executives who really want to make a difference.

Video still - Webinar Rewind - Enterprise Architecture

Webinar Rewind: When Enterprise Architecture meets Digital & Ecosystems

Professor Stijn Viaene interviews Carl Tilkin-Franssens in this webinar. Carl is an expert consultant at BDO Belgium.