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Your reflected best self

Marion Debruyne

By Marion Debruyne

Professor of Marketing

03 November 2020

“Just be yourself!” That is the advice we often get. And it is good advice, as authenticity is a necessary ingredient of personal happiness and a requirement for leadership. However, it requires a large amount of self-knowledge to know who you are authentically.


Most of us develop some sense of who we are when we are at our best. Stored deep down inside, we all have some idea of the traits we bring to the table when we really shine. Your reflected best self is your individual mental picture of the qualities and characteristics that are on display when you are at your best. But how do you construct this mental picture? And what are the trigger events that contain new pieces of information to add to the picture? Professor and Dean Marion Debruyne explains.

Video - what is your best reflected self

What is your reflected best self?

Professor Marion explains how you construct this mental picture of yourself and what trigger events add to the picture

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