Cookie Statement

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer, tablet or mobile telephone whenever you use our website. They have a unique number with which data can be associated. There are several types of cookies, such as functional cookies, analytical cookies, social media cookies and cookies for advertising and relevant offers. More information about which cookies Vlerick Business School uses and why is available on this page.

The kinds of cookies we use

Functional cookies

Functional cookies ensure that our website works properly. you language choice, your login via the 'remember me' knop, and your choosen level of privacy with identifiable cookies.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to measure visits to our website. This gives us a better idea about which sections are the most relevant to our visitors and what the most popular content is, so that we can tailor our website to the people who use it. We use third-party software from Google Analytics.

IP addresses are registered for use by our functional and analytical cookies if you have given consent; the resulting statistics and reports are not linked to personally identifiable information.

Social media cookies

When you are logged in to our website, you can share various articles and videos using the social media buttons. To ensure that these buttons work properly, we use cookies from the following social media platforms. We need to ask your permission to use these cookies.

With these cookies, these platforms can recognise you when you want to share something from our site. For more information about the cookies the social media platforms place on your computer and the data these cookies collect, you can read the cookies statement on their websites. Please be aware that these statements can change at any time. The website of Vlerick Business School has no influence over this.

Vlerick Business School is active on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Cookies for advertising and relevant offers

Our website may also send out cookies from other organisations so that we can deliver offers and information that is of real use to you.

With your consent, we would like to show you information on our (and other) websites that is more relevant to you and your interests. This is why we want to try to assess what catches your interest and what doesn’t. Based on the pages you visit on our website, you will be shown different information to that shown to other visitors, making our websites more relevant to you.

To display relevant offers, we use 'DoubleClick by Google', Google Analytics, Google AdWords, facebook, youtube, Bing en Linkedin. We show these offers on the Vlerick Business School website, on other organisations’ websites and when using Google services.

To which websites does this cookie policy apply?

This cookie policy applies to If you accept all cookies, the website will be easier to use, you can find what you are looking for faster and the information delivered to you on our and other websites will be more relevant to you.

How long is my permission to use identifiable cookies valid?

Vlerick Business School records whether you have given us permission to use cookies. Every 3 years, we will ask you for permission to use identifiable cookies, at which time you can accept cookies again if you wish. This also applies to cookies that remain valid for more than three years.

Never receive cookies

If you would prefer not to receive cookies from Vlerick Business School, you need to change your browser settings. You will then receive a warning before cookies are used. You can also indicate whether you want to reject all cookies or just those from sites other than the one you are visiting. You can also have the browser remove all cookies already stored. It’s important to note that you’ll need to do this separately for each browser and computer or device you use.

Changing your cookie settings

You can always change your cookie settings at a later date.

For identifiable cookies, you can alter your choice anytime via the link called 'Cookie preferences' at the bottom of each page.
By ignoring our cookie-banner at your first visit, you implicitly accept identifiable cookies.

However, if you do not accept cookies, we cannot guarantee that our website will function to its full capacity. Certain features may also no longer function and you may not even be able to see certain information at all. What’s more, it could result in the cookie permission message appearing every time you visit. Rejecting cookies does not mean that you will not see any advertising, either: it just means that the ads you see are less likely to be relevant to you and will be repeated more often.

If you configure your browser to reject cookies, you might be asked whether you accept cookies every time you visit any website.

Keep up to date

The information on this page will change from time to time in order to reflect changes on our website or the rules regarding cookies, for example. We publish every change here, so we recommend that you check this information regularly. This way, you can decide if you want to change your cookie settings in response to any changes we make.

If you should nevertheless have questions or comments after this Cookie Statement, you can always take up contact with us by sending an e-mail to