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Once Vlerick, always Vlerick… Such is the power of your Vlerick experience that its impact can still be felt well beyond the front gates of the School and long after you step through them for the last time as a student. Discover the latest news from and about our global alumni and watch as they recount their own personal Vlerick journey and how it has shaped their lives both personally and professionally.

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  1. Conny Vandendriessche and Jonas Dhaenens win the 2019 Vlerick Award

    Date: 02/10/2019
    Category: Alumni News
    During an award show, the winners of the 19th edition of the Vlerick Award were announced in the presence of numerous business leaders and alumni. The Vlerick Enterprising Leader Award went to Conny Vandendriessche, co-founder of Accent Jobs – The House of HR, managing director of Stella P. and partner of We Are Jane. Jonas Dhaenens, co-founder and CEO of, received the Vlerick Venture Award. The Vlerick Award is presented annually by Vlerick Business School as a tribute to two successful Vlerick alumni who, as entrepreneurs and business leaders, are at the helm of fast-growing organisations.
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  2. “Give your dream a big hug”

    Date: 13/11/2018
    Category: Alumni News
    After working for five years in Beirut, Elias Maalouli knows he wants to set up his own business. When he decides to take a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship in 2016, he embarks on his journey as an entrepreneur. In September 2018, he launches FoundersBei, a co-working space in Beirut.
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  3. Say no to waste. Serve a vegetable dip!

    Date: 08/08/2018
    Category: Alumni News
    Globally, a third of all food is thrown away. 45% of fruit and vegetables end up in the bin. For our Masters alumnus Helena Gheeraert, demonstrations, petitions or opinion pieces were not enough to make a difference. Helena actually wanted to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in. The result: Wonky, a range of delicious and healthy dips made of vegetables which would otherwise be thrown away. Not only less food is wasted, but it makes healthy snacking a lot easier too.
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