Investing in private equity

Gain the confidence to diversify

Investing in Private Equity can be financially rewarding and deeply stimulating – but it’s also risky. So how do you build a PE portfolio as part of your investment strategy? How do you deal with complex financial structures? In this two-day programme, leading experts from the worlds of PE, VC, law and entrepreneurship, take you on a journey through the opportunities and potential pitfalls of PE as an asset class.

Detailed programme

Through talks, exercises, panels and cases, you’ll discover the principles and details you need to diversify. And in thoughtfully-arranged social activities, you’ll have opportunities to network and learn from PE investors and specialists.

Module 1: Designing a portfolio

  • Develop an asset allocation strategy
  • Understand the typical set-up of a PE fund or fund of funds
  • Explore how returns and timeframes compare with other asset classes

Module 2: Cash flow management for limited partners

  • Get to grips with cash management
  • Discover how to manage the J-Curve

Module 3: PE and VC returns

  • Understand how gross and net returns are measured
  • Learn about fees

Module 4: PE investing in practice

  • Learn from a panel of active family LPs, representatives of family PE funds, GPs and institutional investors

Module 5: Legal structures, fiscal issues and fees

  • Discover the key wording of agreements
  • Understand legal fees
  • Explore fiscal arrangements and tax implications
  • Use a case to explore the merits of specific investments – and the due diligence you need to carry out

Module 6: Choosing a PE team

  • Learn the characteristics of potentially outperforming managers
  • Understand how to interpret past performance

Module 7: VC practices and processes

  • Discover the importance of staged investments
  • Understand the value of a strong investment syndicate
  • Discover everything you need to know about exits

Module 8: Buyout practices

  • Understand how value is created in a buyout deal
  • Analyse the drivers of valuations
  • Explore typical buyout exit routes

Why this programme

  • Understand how to develop a coherent investment strategy that includes PE
  • Learn the different PE segments
  • Understand how to identify the best PE and VC managers
  • Know how to evaluate opportunities – and what the pitfalls may be
  • Gain the insight to start to invest

Who should attend

  • Private investors looking to move into PE
  • Family offices
  • Institutional investors

To allow open discussions and sharing of potentially confidential information, this programme is not open to private bankers and placement agents.

Success stories

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As well as theoretical knowledge, the programme also featured testimonials from professionals who are active in the sector. Inspirational speakers gave insights into several aspects of investment in private equity – and being with people who share mutual interests created interesting networking opportunities.

Lazlo Belgrado

I strongly recommend Investing in Private Equity. It focuses on fund selection, making it possible to go sufficiently deep within the programme timeframe. Topics covered are a good mixture of academic insights and experiences shared by seasoned professionals. A diverse participant mix makes for excellent discussions, inside and outside the classroom.

Burt Vanden Berghe

From the point of view of an LP with limited PE experience, this was a very interesting course. Every speaker had relevant experience and shared their business insights. I liked the mix of sector professionals and academics – and solving the business cases.

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The programme exceeded my expectations. It was a great blend of theory and practical application. I liked the opportunity to work on case studies with other participants – and the industry guest speakers were very open and provided valuable insights. I would certainly recommend this highly interactive experience.


Sophie Manigart

Sophie Manigart

Professor of Corporate Finance

Sophie Manigart is an experienced teacher, researcher and advisor in entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and private equity.

Miguel Meuleman

Miguel Meuleman

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Miguel Meuleman is passionate about the process, people and investors behind new venture ideas.

Jan De Bondt

Jan De Bondt

Executive in Residence

Jan De Bondt is an experienced founder with a solid history in investment banking.

Philippe Haspeslagh

Philippe Haspeslagh

Professor of Strategy

Philippe Haspeslagh is a leading academic and international expert in strategic management, governance and mergers and acquisitions.

Robert Barge

Director at Bikbergen Holding

Mireille Kielemoes

Investment Director at WorxInvest

Deepka Rana

Vice-President at Northzone

Richard Reis

Partner at Argos Wityu

Pieterjan Lambrecht

Partner at Ergon

Sam Desimpel

Managing Partner at Top Tier Access

Marc Sallet

Managing Director at Cathedral Management

Steven Serneels

Chairman at EVPA

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