Key Account Management

Build lasting relationships with customers – and add long-term value to your organisation

In an increasingly competitive world, long-term customer relationships are essential to your organisation’s success. And managing your biggest strategic accounts effectively – at the same time as exploring growth opportunities – is a huge part of this.

This programme takes you into the world of Key Account Management. You’ll learn to manage customer relationships and boost engagement. You’ll discover how to retain strategic accounts and develop an efficient approach to handling them. And you’ll master the skills to drive even greater growth in your organisation.

How well do you know your customers? What kind of relationships do they have with your organisation? And what resources do you invest in strengthening these relationships?

If your organisation could be doing more to extract value from your customers, then this programme will help you to do it.

You’ll gain the frameworks and techniques you need to boost customer loyalty. You’ll learn how to create a key account strategy, identify your most valuable customers and have more productive sales negotiations with them. And crucially, you’ll get the skills to encourage your customers to spend more and add even greater value to your organization.

Why this programme?

Why this programme?

You will master the most important key account management skills to improve your sales results.

For whom?

For whom?

Managers who are (going to be) responsible for (key) accounts.

Detailed Programme

Detailed Programme

This 3-day programme covers 4 modules, each of them focusing on an essential part of key account management.

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