Excellence in Supply Chain Management

Integrate supply chain design with your strategy and processes

Do you need to connect supply chain design with supply chain management and logistics? Do you face the challenges in international distribution with confidence? Are you looking to master supply chain management?

If you are looking for a comprehensive education in the most current topics in Supply Chain Management, this programme will help you acquire the knowledge, insights and skills.

Why this programme?

Why this programme?

This programme provides supply chain professionals with a set of skills and techniques, as well as fundamental insights into the supply chain profession.

For whom?

For whom?

This programme targets professionals who need to understand and improve the impact of supply chain decisions upon their company's performance. It is an extremely useful orientation for those in a (new) supply chain role.

Detailed programme

Detailed Programme

This modular programme focusses on the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of supply chain management and covers the body of knowledge in Supply Chain Management.

Practical info


Type: Short Focused

Length: 12 days

Start: 04/05/2022

Language: English

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Ann Vereecke
Prof Ann Vereecke Vereecke is programme director of 'Excellence in Supply Chain Management'

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