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Turn negotiation challenges into opportunities with our highly interactive online programme.

Ready to take your negotiation skills up a level?

Our highly interactive online programme shows you how to recognise negotiation situations – and importantly, how to take the lead in them. First you’ll get deep insight into your personal negotiation profile with our unique NQ® model. Then you’ll refine it, develop your skills – and put them into practice in real-life situations with your fellow participants. By the end of your journey, you won’t just be sitting at the negotiation table – you’ll be commanding it.

And when you complete this programme, you get an official Vlerick certificate.


If you’re looking for the knowledge, mindset and skills you need to turn negotiation challenges into opportunities, this is the programme for you.

After completing this online programme, you’ll:

  • Identify your own strengths and pitfalls when negotiating based on the results of the NQ scan
  • Recognise and Shape any negotiation situation with confidence
  • Understand which negotiation style you personally prefer and recognise other people's negotiation styles
  • Change your mindset when negotiating, by trying to suspend your judgement, showing sincere curiosity and aiming high
  • Develop the following skills to become more NQ intelligent: non-conformist thinking, inquisitiveness, becoming more persuasive

Thorough but flexible, this programme is designed to work around your professional and personal commitments. Each week you’ll start a new module which you’ll complete at your own pace. You will spend between two to four hours per week to complete the course materials and assignments.


Your six-week online journey brings together a number of different learning formats to help you get the most from the programme – from short videos and readings through to peer discussions and real-life negotiation assignments. You’ll have online and offline projects. And you’ll put theory into practice with your fellow participants in hands-on exercises.
Each week, we will follow the same sequence of activities:
  1. Video theory To kick off each module, Professor Katia Tieleman will explain the theoretical concepts in a short video. During the rest of the module, these concepts will be the guiding principles in casework and exercises.
  2. Case with actors This unique feature of the programme helps you apply the theoretical concepts to a practical case. The actors embody the different stakeholders in a real-life case, highlighting the different aspects and pitfalls of negotiations.
  3. Practice linked to case Using the case as an example, you will be asked to reflect upon the different aspects of negotiation.
  4. Experiment in your own context Being able to transfer your learnings to your personal context is crucial, so we will help you do that by means of various experiments.
  5. Peer feedback Throughout the programme, you will be able to give and receive feedback from your fellow participants.


This six-week online programme is made up of different building blocks.

who would benefit?

Professionals in any business and in any role – from marketing and IT to HR and finance – who want to make their mark in the world of negotiation. All you need to participate is a proficient level of English.

meet your faculty

Professor Katia Tieleman

Katia is a Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management at Vlerick and is affiliated with the Harvard Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. She is the author of the Negotiation Intelligence® (NQ®) approach.

A leading authority in the world of negotiation, Katia has worked with international organisations including the UN, the OECD, the EU and the World Bank – as well as a number of Fortune 500 companies. She draws on this rich practical experience and strong academic background to help individuals and organisations master the skills of negotiation.

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Professor Barney Jordaan

Barney is a Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management at Vlerick. He is a South-African negotiation, mediation, dispute and conflict resolution specialist. He has worked with many global organisations - and teaches negotiation skills and conflict resolution. Barney is a certified mediator with the ADR Grp (UK), IMI (The Netherlands) and CEDR (UK), and he has served as external consultant to the World Bank.

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Sophie Van Vlierberghe - Ordina
Resource Manager Business Consulting & Financial Services

Sophie Van Vlierberghe

'The Negotiate for Success programme is not merely about tips & tricks for improving your negotiation skills − it really changes your negotiation mind-set, from ‘you win some, you lose some’ to ‘find value creation opportunities for both parties’. You can access this online training programme on a variety of devices, and the fact that it’s online means that you can use it flexibly at your convenience. Vlerick’s approach is academic, but the material is taught so that the learnings are applicable in your daily professional and personal lives. I highly recommend this programme for people and organisations interested in raising their negotiation style to the next level − which is value creation.'

Bolivar Pereira - IAPP
Corporate Alliance Consultant

Sophie Van Vlierberghe

'One of the highlights of this online programme, in my view, is that it’s generic enough to let you apply the skills you learn to your daily life in addition to business situations. The programme has helped me reflect on the ‘emotional component’ in negotiation, which has a bigger impact than most of us realise. In terms of business, it has helped me fine tune my skills and more readily identify pitfalls that occur in just about every negotiation.

When you ask me what is the most unusual place in which I’ve taken an online module, I wish I could say something funny like on the beach or during a date ... but usually it’s been sitting in my office or on my lunch break.

Self-paced programmes that don’t require long commutes and can be adapted to your busy working schedule have become commonplace these days. But I would recommend Vlerick’s online learning because it goes beyond simply loading an existing programme into an online learning module − it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into making this module truly interactive and fun. The 3 words that best describe my Vlerick online learning experience are: Enriching, Fun and Hands-on. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who needs to perform in negotiating situations.'




A high-impact learning journey

  • Learn through different formats – from quizzes, videos and peer-to-peer learning to discussions, case studies and real-life business challenges.
  • Turn your knowledge into action – take what you’ve learned and immediately put it into practice with live projects and stimulated exercises
  • Experience a mix of creating content together, sharing of experiences, applying to your own context, learning from peers and translating it back to your own reality.



Highly flexible

  • Study anywhere, any time – our online approach means you can learn your way 
  • Learn at your own pace – timetables and clear deadlines help you to plan your schedule
  • Make the transition – our online programmes give you time to develop your skills and take them back to your workplace



We know the challenges you face

  • Get cutting-edge insight – our faculty have close ties to the business world and our home in the heart of Europe means we understand the fast-paced environment you work in
  • Get support every step of the way – share ideas and experiences with your fellow participants and get individual feedback from our faculty

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