Management for the Hospital Professional

Gain greater insight into your hospital’s policy and have more impact

Today hospitals face a whole range of challenges: more intense collaboration with other healthcare providers, reduced hospitalisation periods for patients, an increase in technological possibilities, rapid digitisation, and a greater focus on preventative healthcare. Moreover, these changes also have financial, strategic, organisational and human consequences. As a doctor or hospital employee, this programme will give you greater confidence to help contribute to the future policy of your hospital.

Why this programme?

Why this programme?

By gaining greater insight into various aspects of hospital management, you can help build on even better healthcare for the patient, regardless of your role in the hospital.


For whom?

For whom?

All hospital professionals who want to help contribute to hospital policy with greater confidence.

Detailed programme

Detailed Programme

This programme consists of two five-day modules, two webinars and the Vlerick Healthcare Conference.

Practical info


Type: Intensive

Length: 11 days + 2 webinars

Start: 11/04/2019

Language: Dutch

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  1. What does the hospital of the future look like?

    Our healthcare is constantly evolving so as to meet the changing demands of patients. What does the hospital of the future look like? What is the future role of hospitals in the healthcare system? And how can all stakeholders prepare for it? The Flemish government entrusted researchers at the Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy (LIGB) of KU Leuven and Vlerick Business School with finding an answer to these questions. The findings of their study were published in a green paper that serves as support for future policy decisions.
  2. Medicines: how much should they cost?

    Although medical progress is allowing us to treat more and more diseases, innovative medicines tend to be expensive. Expenses are rising constantly in the healthcare sector as a result, putting accessibility and affordability under pressure. Which criteria does the Belgian Commission for Reimbursement of Medicines apply and what could be improved? These questions are answered in a study based on RIZIV data, in the framework of the Roche Chair at the Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre.
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