Mastering Costs and Budgets

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How do you compile cost data? How do you calculate cost? How do you establish a budget? In this three-day programme, you’ll live and learn approaches that allow you to better assess profitability – or products, customers and markets. And you’ll gain knowledge and instruments to leap confidently into analysing and creating budgets.

Detailed programme

This programme gives you the ability to set up a simple cost system and understand the meaning of Activity Based Costing. Setting up and assessing budgets will become a piece of cake. 

Module 1: Costing Concepts 

  • Discover key concepts such as variable and fixed costs, direct and indirect costs, differential and opportunity costs 
  • Explore various techniques for cost calculations 
  • Learn about contributions 
  • Learn to calculate actual, standardised and variable costs 

Module 2: From Full Costing to Activity Based Management 

  • Learn to distinguish relevant from irrelevant costs and yields 
  • Discover Activity Based Costing (ABC) 
  • Understand how ABC helps to proactively control cost 

Module 3: Budgeting 

  • Understand budgets 
  • Explore why organisations use budgets 
  • Lean how budgets are created 

Why this programme

  • Master the key concepts and various techniques used to calculate costs 
  • Learn to recognise the difference between relevant and irrelevant costs and yields 
  • Become an expert in Activity Based Costing (ABC) 
  • Acquire techniques for establishing a budget 

Who should attend

  • Professionals 
  • Functional managers outside finance 
  • General managers with little prior knowledge of finance 


Filip Roodhooft

Filip Roodhooft

Professor of Management Accounting

Filip Roodhooft shows you how the finance function can be a valuable business partner for your organisation. 

Kristof Stouthuysen

Kristof Stouthuysen

Professor of Management Accounting & Digital Finance

Kristof Stouthuysen drives sustainable value creation with management accountancy – and leverages technology to make better financial decisions.