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If you’re launching innovative services and products in the B2B market, you know how tough it can be. This four-day programme gives you insights and skills to deal with shifts in the market, competitor activity and increasing customer demands. You’ll learn how to stay relevant – and how to develop a successful go-to-market strategy. 

Detailed programme

Innovative services and products can be imitated quickly. Price margins are under increasing pressure. And customers are deluged with sales messaging. So how do you create or redefine a marketing strategy in these conditions? Are traditional approaches still valid? And how do you communicate for maximum impact? 

Over four days and four modules, the Strategic B2B Marketing programme gives an integrated response to all these questions. You’ll live and learn fresh B2B marketing approaches – and leave ready to take the leap with your own go-to-market strategy. 

Module 1: Adapt your marketing strategy to the shifting business landscape  

  • Learn to stay relevant by recognising and taking advantage of shifts in your B2B market 
  • Understand how to create a marketing strategy that acts as a basis for evaluating, creating and converting value  

Module 2: Market analysis 

  • Understand your business’s potential with the 5Cs Framework – customer, company, competitors, collaborators and context 

Module 3: Creating value for different audiences 

  • Understand how to segment your market – with traditional approaches and the very latest techniques 
  • Explore new market research methods and new potential audiences 
  • Learn to shape value propositions for your existing and new target audiences 

Module 4: Present your offer to the market 

  • Discover how to articulate your offer to your target audiences 
  • Understand how to tailor your offer to the needs of each segment 

Why this programme

  • Create a structured B2B marketing strategy to fuel the growth of your business 
  • Understand the need for customer-centricity – and how to achieve it 
  • Leave with a go-to-market strategy for new products and services

Who should attend

  • Professionals who are new to B2B marketing and sales, who want to deepen their understanding of B2B marketing strategy 
  • Product Managers, Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Business Unit Managers, Marketing & Sales Managers/Directors, General Managers 

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

Ravi Bellardi

I learned how marketing can deeply impact decision-making and business results. It also gave me the right language for collaborating and problem-solving in organisational environments. I can now better map and measure the state of marketing and propositions internally, and I know how to better assess opportunities closer to clients.


Fred Lemke

Fred Lemke

Professor of Marketing

Fred Lemke explores the impact of marketing on business and society.