Why study at Vlerick?

You leap forward – we power the way

To thrive in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business world, you need to keep your knowledge and skills at the cutting edge. How? By joining a game-changing organisation like Vlerick.

We help you stay ahead – with hands-on, energetic and interactive learning and opportunities to put new skills into practice. You’ll live and learn the latest business trends, share insights and approaches and prepare to leap confidently into the next stage of your career.

We make five promises to you…


1. Your leap forward = our reward

  • We give you the knowledge, tools and mindset to challenge the status quo.
  • You become a change agent in your organisation – equipped with frameworks, tools, action plans and the confidence to inspire others. A confident leader who’ll make a positive impact in business and in society.
  • You can rely on us to support you as you adapt and learn throughout your career. Our mission to keep you ahead of the curve is one of the reasons we’re a triple accredited and top-ranked business school.

2. Your future needs = our starting point

  • You explore the real challenges your company is facing. You dream big, challenge the status quo, discover a world of opportunities and experiment with new skills.
  • Learning has most impact when you learn about yourself too. And to make results tangible, your starting point will be concrete, relevant and personal – based on the real-life challenges currently facing your organisation, a 360° scan of your own strengths and weaknesses, a recent survey, an in-company project and more.
  • We build on your past experiences and current situation to give you the tools and confidence to take the next steps in your professional development – giving you a tangible return on your investment.
  • You choose the learning approach that best suits you. It could be 100% online and self-paced, a blend of on campus and online learning. Or it could be 100% on campus
Business game - Management Acceleration Programme

3. Your learning = always active

  • At Vlerick, you put knowledge into action and action into knowledge.
  • You dive into highly interactive learning experiences made up of different formats and activities. You work alongside peers from diverse backgrounds, sharing, learning and experiencing the buzz of group energy.
  • Everything integrates – from business simulations, games and role plays through to hands-on challenges, whether you dive in online or on campus. You dig deeper and gain both theoretical insight and the practical skills you need to make a difference.
Vlerick HR Day

4. Your Vlerick network = a community for life

  • You join a diverse group who’ll share their experience and support you every step of the way – and become important friends and business contacts throughout your professional life.
  • Our faculty are approachable and accessible. So grab a coffee or an online chat with your professor and share insights from across sectors, geographies, experiences and cultures.
  • You have endless opportunities to hear from and meet experts and senior leaders from a wide variety of organisations.
  • You make cross-industry and cross-sector connections. And you make friends – and discover opportunities – all over the world.
Big Data Class 07

5. Your safety = our concern

  • The Vlerick experience has always been about having a safe space to experiment, to explore and to be supported as you learn – and this is true now, more than ever.
  • On campus, energy levels are high – with measures in place to keep you safe. So you can focus completely on learning and soaking up the Vlerick vibe.
  • In your small learning squads – your agile, supportive group of peers – you’ll experience intimate, maximum-impact learning with safe physical distancing.
  • Online, you feel the buzz of excitement and involvement as you take part in challenges and work flexibly with peers from across the world.
  • Wherever you are and however you’re learning, you will always experience a safe space to think beyond the conventional, express your ideas and experiences – and be surrounded by peers and faculty who are listening, sharing and supportive.
  • You’ll build on your strengths – and appreciate how diverse approaches and insights can add value – in a truly inclusive, positive environment. You’ll become a thought leader – ready to make social change in your community and around the world.

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