Ariana Ramos


Ariana Ramos obtained a Master degree in ‘Electricity Sector’ from Comillas Pontifical University in Spain in 2010, and a Master in ‘Network Industries and Digital Economics’ from Paris Sud-11 University in France in 2011 as part of a joint European Master in ‘Economics and Management of Network Industries’. In 2012 she started working as a research assistant towards a PhD at KU Leuven in cooperation with VITO and EnergyVille in Belgium. The effective and efficient use of renewable energy has been the core of her research through the integration of user participation into electricity market design. Her PhD dissertation titled ‘Coordination of flexibility procurement in wholesale and local markets’ presents two alternate views and benefits of aggregated user participation in electricity systems. A broader view aggregates users to participate in wholesale commercial markets, while a more local view enables users to contribute towards relieving local system constraints. Currently she aims to apply scientific based tools developed during her PhD towards real-life applications in industry and research. When many parties would use the same resource, guidelines are needed to allow users to decide for themselves what the best possible use is. Analytical agent-based methods can be used to understand complex systems when the past cannot be used to predict the future in a changing environment.


Job Title : Postdoctoral Researcher

Management Domain


Expert in
Electricity Market Design
Integration of User Participation into Electricity Markets
Local Electricity Markets for Flexibility
Coordination between Distribution and Transmission System Operators
Energy Markets