Meet our PhD students

Interested in ongoing and past doctoral studies of Vlerick doctoral researchers? Below you find an overview. Feel free to get in touch with them to learn more about their research.

Qusay Hamdan

How far can humanity be taken by CONSUMPTION?

Lien Desmet

Who takes the lead when there is no formal leader?

Said Loyens

Can CEO pay drive sustainability?

David Schamari

Managing reputational risk between business partners in sustainable supply chains

Laurenz Govaerts

What is the value of knowing?

Sladana Babic

Building bridges between mathematics, finance and economics

Xzavier He

How to use language to change people’s mind?

Marjana Subotic

An in-depth examination of founder remuneration

Dimitrios Kolokas

How do FinTech and Unconventional Monetary Policies affect the insurance-macroeconomic growth nexus?

Philip Rogiers

Toward digitally enabled talent management in public administration – mission impossible?

Ben De Coninck

Bridging the gap between governments and small and medium-sized enterprises

Zoë Imhof

Business angels’ investment decisions: do emotions matter?

Mathias Boënne

What if being challenged would be key to unlocking creativity?

Tine Geldof

How can we improve accessibility for cancer drugs?

Iris Roelens

Are you a top influencer?

Ioannis Siskos

Do managers need to be more open minded in their location decision making?

Thomas Matthys

Banks as producers of private information: what is the role of the relationship lender?


Jeroen Neckebrouck

What if company owners have divergent objectives? The case of private equity backed family firms

Lieselot Danneels

What if the public sector would digitally disrupt itself?

Inge De Clippeleer

Being in the driver’s seat of your job: investigating contextual and individual determinants and outcomes of job crafting

Anantha Divakaruni

Stakeholder relationships, institutional environments and partner-selection in leveraged buyout financing

Jacob Vermeire

Time and money among entrepreneurs in rural Africa: Steps into the unknown

Caroline Baert

Strategic innovation requires an open way of thinking!

Corneel Defrancq

How does Corporate Governance affect M&A decisions and outcomes?

Bart Verwaeren

Controlling outcome or procedures… Which leads to more innovation?

Shari De Baets

Man versus Machine: who wins the forecast competition?

Tina Davidson

What if employees could speak and supervisors could listen?

Maud Van den Broeke

Is standardised product design always better?

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