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Here you’ll find an overview of the upcoming database training sessions and existing video tutorials on different library resources

SERIE 1 - Using reliable and consistent company, financial, market, industry and country data

Service  Content Format Info & Timing  Resp. Trainer  Target Group

1. Amadeus &

Using company info and financials for basic analysis Webinar  Find recordings of the webinar here(Youtube)
Duration: 42:58 min
Vardar Burcu
(Bureau Van Dijk)

2. Amadeus &

Using company info and financials for basic analysis  Webinar Fall 2018 Vardar Burcu
(Bureau Van Dijk)
3. MarketLine Getting acquainted with MarketLine’s Advantage: info on companies, industries, financial deals and geographies Webinar

Find recordings of the webinar here (Youtube)
Duration: 50:51 min

Free trainings from MarketLine here

Lorik Gjakolli
4. Euromonitor Getting acquainted with Euromonitor’s global market database & analysis tool to understand markets & consumers  Webinar  Find recordings of this webinar here(Youtube)
Duration: 43:39 min
Cecilia Marcellesi
5. Bloomberg Getting started on the Bloomberg terminal  On-site training  Fall 2018 Nick Korchunov
(Academic) staff/Students

SERIE 2 – Library support & resources for literature research (books, journals & press)

Service  Content Format Info & Timing  Resp. Trainer  Target Group

1. EBSCO’s Business Source Complete

Content overview + Advanced searching & improving results on Business Source Complete
(incl. thesaurus)
 Webinar Find recordings of the webinar here(Youtube)
Duration: 35:28 min
Georg Vogtherr (EBSCO) All
2. Using eBooks Searching & downloading eBooks Video tutorial Coming soon Thomas Maes (Vlerick library) All
  Installing & using the EBSCO app  Video tutorial Link (YouTube)
Duration: 5:55 min 
Thomas Maes (Vlerick library) All
3. Press databases Detecting fake news Video tutorial Coming soon Monia Rottiers (Vlerick library) All
Using press databases:, LexisNexis, GoPress Video tutorial Spring 2018 Monia Rottiers (Vlerick library) All
4. Using Financial Times' online services On-site training

Link (Microsoft Stream)
Duration: 46:17 min

Elodie O'Rourke (Financial Times) (Academic) staff/Students

SERIE 3 - Extra support from the library

Service  Content Format Info & Timing  Resp. Trainer  Target Group

1. Getting off-site access to the library

Using the library from home. How do I get access? Video tutorial
Link (YouTube)
Duration: 1:45 min
Library staff All

2. Setting up a course package by using own and/or external course materials

Using library content in class (HSTalks’ video collection, Video tutorial
Fall 2018 Library staff
Programme managers & assistants
3. Preparing your business trip with Kiss, bow or Shake Hands Using essential info, tips & tricks on protocol & cultural differences to prepare your business trip Video tutorial
Spring 2018 Library staff
4. Coffee @ Library Loft Coffee break at the Library Loft including a short introduction to the library services & resources  On-site training session
On demand
Max. 25-30 participants
Library staff
Programme managers & assistants
Executive education

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