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Here you’ll find an overview of the upcoming database training sessions and existing video tutorials on different library resources

SERIES 1 - Using reliable and consistent company, financial, market, industry and country data

Service  Content Format Info & Timing  Resp. Trainer  Target Group

1. Orbis

Using company info and financials for basic analysis  Webinar

22 November 2019
Brussels Campus

Nancy Mahoro
(Bureau Van Dijk)
2. MarketLine Getting acquainted with MarketLine’s Advantage: info on companies, industries, financial deals and geographies Webinar

Find recordings of the webinar here (Youtube)
Duration: 50:51 min

Free trainings from MarketLine here

Lorik Gjakolli
3. Euromonitor Getting acquainted with Euromonitor’s global market database & analysis tool to understand markets & consumers  Webinar  Find recordings of this webinar here(Youtube)
Duration: 43:39 min
Cecilia Marcellesi
4. Bloomberg Getting started on the Bloomberg terminal  On-site training  Fall 2020 Bloomberg (Academic) staff/Students

SERIES 2 – Library support & resources for literature research (books, journals & press)

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1. EBSCO’s Business Source Complete

Content overview + Advanced searching & improving results on Business Source Complete
(incl. thesaurus)
 Webinar Find recordings of the webinar here(Youtube)
Duration: 35:28 min
Georg Vogtherr (EBSCO) All
2. Using eBooks Searching & downloading eBooks Video tutorial Link (Microsoft Stream)
Duration: 13:11 min
Thomas Maes (Vlerick library) All
3. Press databases Detecting fake news Video tutorial Link (Microsoft Stream)
Duration: 14:30 min
Monia Rottiers (Vlerick library) All
4. Using Financial Times' online services On-site training

Link (Microsoft Stream)
Duration: 46:17 min

Elodie O'Rourke (Financial Times) (Academic) staff/Students
5. Sage Research Methods Using Sage's research platform On-site training

Link (Microsoft Stream)
Duration: 54:39 min

Chloe Turner(Sage) (Academic) staff/Students
6. Trends Top 100.000 On a regular basis, Trends Business Information Academy organizes hands-on trainings on the Trends Top 100000 database, covering several marketing and finance topics. They also provide free online webinars. (in Dutch) External training / Webinar

Free webinars from Trends Top

Search for external training days

Trends Top (Academic) staff/Students
7. Web of Science This session presents the Web of Science Core Collection and all its features: how to build an efficient research, manage (marked list), export and analyze results... On-site training / Webinar

25 March
10 a.m. - noon
Ghent Campus

Adriana Filip (Clarivate) (Academic) staff/Students

SERIES 3 - Extra support from the library

Service  Content Format Info & Timing  Resp. Trainer  Target Group

1. How to use the library

What is available, how do I use it? General overview of how the library services work. Sway presentation
Link (Microsoft Sway) Library staff All

2. Getting off-site access to the library

Using the library from home. How do I get access? Video tutorial
Link (Microsoft Stream)
Duration: 1:55 min
Thomas Maes (Vlerick library) All

3. Setting up a course package by using own and/or external course materials

Using library content in class (HSTalks’ video collection, Video tutorial
Link (Microsoft Stream)
Duration: 7:08 min
Thomas Maes (Vlerick library) Faculty
Programme managers & assistants
5. Coffee @ Library Loft Coffee break at the Library Loft including a short introduction to the library services & resources  On-site training session
On demand
Max. 25-30 participants
Library staff
Programme managers & assistants
Executive education

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