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Cover bookManaging change becomes an increasingly critical capability in today's turbulent and disruptive work environment. Nevertheless, research indicates that failure rates of change initiatives remain high. In ‘Six Batteries of Change’, the authors propose a new model that helps managers to deal with this challenging topic in a more effective way. The model tracks the extent to which your organisation has the energy to successfully implement change.

The book identifies ‘Six Batteries of Change' that organisations and managers need to charge for change to become effective, and offers insights into how to keep each of these batteries buzzing. The role of a change manager is to ensure that all six batteries are charged, in order to generate the amount of energy necessary in successfully completing change. If the batteries of change remain empty, the success rate of the change will be limited.

‘Six Batteries of Change’ shows managers how to develop transformation competency by creating a more energised organisation, capable of dealing with faster and more complex change. It does this by setting up new frameworks, and referring to numerous cases to illustrate the effectiveness of each approach.

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