400 jobs, one passion

Delhaize sets its sights on Masters and MBA students

A Talent Partnership with Vlerick is a win-win situation for Delhaize, according to Sylvie Van den Eynde, Senior Vice-President Human Resources & Organisational Development: “Not only is retail one of the School’s key sectoral strengths, but the vacancies Delhaize offers match Vlerick’s expertise.”

Why did Delhaize decide to enter into a corporate partnership with Vlerick?

Sylvie Van den Eynde: “Vlerick is a Belgian business school with an international outlook, and which places paramount importance on quality. That’s something we see in the Vlerick alumni that Delhaize has already recruited. Add to that the fact that retail is one of its key sectoral strengths, and you have all the ingredients for an ideal partnership.”

Why a Talent Partnership specifically?

Sylvie: “In Belgium, Delhaize employs 15,000 people in a wide variety of jobs. Not surprisingly, our HR motto is ‘400 jobs, one passion’. Like many other sectors, retail is changing all the time. If we want to keep evolving and progressing, we need to invest in talent. That is why we’re interested in both Masters and MBA students, especially those offering knowledge and skills in areas where Vlerick has a proven track record: supply chain management, marketing, finance, HR and strategy.”

Have there been any specific initiatives yet to help the partnership take shape?

Sylvie: “The Career Fair in early February was the first opportunity for us to meet Vlerick students in a relaxed setting. These recruitment events are the ideal forum for our HR people to talk informally about the job opportunities available at Delhaize and about our corporate culture.”

What does Delhaize expect from this partnership?

Sylvie: “We want to educate Vlerick students about our culture and let them know about our traineeship and job opportunities – all with the aim of inspiring them to come and work with us to help build Delhaize’s future.”