50 innovators of today

Recently, the Belgian business newspaper De Tijd published a list of 50 Belgian entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and marketers who want to revolutionise an entire sector with their innovation. In particular, Vlerick would like to send warm congratulations to pioneers Bart Van der Roost (NeoScores), who holds an Executive MBA from Vlerick, Wiet van de Velde (Palletkraft), and Jan-Willem Rombouts and Pieter-Jan Mermans (REstore). The winners also include Jonathan Cornelissen, who founded Datacamp together with Masters in General Management alumnus Dieter De Mesmaeker.

Bart has created digital music scores, Wiet makes cardboard pallets that are lighter than, but just as strong as, the wooden variety, and Jan-Willem and Pieter-Jan focus on automated demand response to help balance the electricty grid. The three companies are participating in the round-table discussions of the Entrepreneurship 2.0 initiative with Deloitte, where they exchange ideas with other young growth companies.

Veroniek Collewaert, Professor of Entrepreneurship: “They are perfect examples of the type of entrepreneurs we want to gather around the table in our Entrepreneurship 2.0 initiative. They have young companies with high growth potential, and they’re open-minded and eager to learn from other entrepreneurs.

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