Alex Joos appointed as new chairman of the Vlerick Alumni Association

After 4 years of successfully leading Vlerick Alumni as chairman, Dirk Bontridder has passed the baton to Alex Joos, CEO of Group Joos. Alex will take over the chairmanship role from the 1st September 2015.

Roch Doliveux, Chairman of Vlerick Business School, has publically expressed his gratitude to Dirk Bontridder for his services and time at the Alumni. “We are most grateful to Dirk for his outstanding contribution to Vlerick Alumni over the last 15 years and the way in which he has led the Association during the last four. Dirk's drive to bring the alumni community and Vlerick Business School closer together enables the alumni to benefit more from the school's performance and for the school to benefit from the experience and contributions of so many alumni.” Roch Doliveux further commented on the appointment of Alex Joos as the new Chairman of the Vlerick Alumni, saying, “Alex is the right choice to lead the Association in the future. As a well-known successful entrepreneur, Alex will further close the ties of the alumni to their school, and foster the entrepreneurial strength of Vlerick Business School.”

Dirk Bontridder - Alex Joos

Active with Vlerick Alumni for more than 15 years (including 4 years as Vice-Chairman on top of the Chairmanship), Dirk Bontridder has made a significant difference to the life of the Association. He’s been instrumental in tightening the bonds within the alumni and engaging and expanding the network, both in Belgium and abroad. He has supported numerous networking and content events locally and has encouraged the growth of activities amongst the 11 international chapters of the Association. During his term as Chairman he initiated a process of greater integration with Vlerick Business School, including a joint new corporate branding which was introduced in 2012. He has also been behind the Alumni’s new website that further aligns the Alumni Association with the School and its activities.

Alex Joos was quick to pay tribute to his predecessor: “I’m very proud to follow Dirk as the new chairman of Vlerick Alumni. One of the main reasons I accepted this role was because I knew that he and his Alumni team had done so much excellent work in the past, giving me a solid platform to work from in the future. I want to continue focusing on further expanding the Vlerick Alumni network, and make it even more relevant towards the outside world. My aim is to strengthen its already strong reputation and concentrate more on what the Vlerick Business School does best, namely entrepreneurship. Indeed I’ll be looking to highlight alumni who are ‘non-typical’ entrepreneurs and put these hard-working individuals more in the spotlight.

About Alex Joos

Alex JoosAlex studied law at the University of Leuven and later did a Masters in General Management at Vlerick Business School in 1990. After a short time at Unilever he joined his family’s printing company, Joos. There, he became commercial director in 1993 and worked with his father and brother on the further development of the company. In 1995, the firm bought Multirota; one of their main competitors in Belgium and Alex became General Manager during two years while the company was integrated into the Group.

In 1999, he took the Advanced Management course at Vlerick Business School, and sometime afterwards took over as General Manager of the Group Joos. In 2007, the Group acquired the Ardatis print centre (now called Cegeka) making Joos-Comsmail the number 1 independent postal print service centre in Belgium. In 2012 a buy out of the family made Alex the sole shareholder of the Group Joos, and in 2013 Group Joos took over Monti Documents, another of its competitors.

Active in Business Communication Services and outsourcing, Business Forms, security documents and document management solutions and Direct Marketing services, the Group Joos is a company with 220 employees and a turnover of 45 mio. Euro.

A family man who enjoys travel, golf and jogging, Alex is also actively involved with his local chamber of commerce.

About Vlerick Alumni

Vlerick Alumni is the official alumni association of Vlerick Business School representing over 20,000 alumni of the School who live and work in nearly 100 countries. Its mission, in symbiosis with the School, is to provide its members with an active international platform for networking and acquiring the latest management knowledge and knowhow on an on-going basis, through events a year at home and abroad, as well as through the digital space. Well-known events include:

  • The annual Vlerick Award, which is given to a business leader who has steered his business with sustainable results to the international top within its sector.
  • The Marketing Colloquium bringing around 350 marketeers the latest on relevant marketing issues.
  • The annual Winter Reunion, with a leading keynote speaker each time, to an audience of 1000 alumni and students.

The Association owes its success to the efforts of nearly 100 alumni working voluntarily on different management bodies and organisation teams.

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