André Thibeault serves again on Advisory Council of Risk Management Awards

In recognition of his expertise in the field of banking and risk management as well as his valuable contributions last year, Vlerick Professor André Thibeault has been invited to renew his participation in the evaluation process for the Risk Management Awards. These awards are annually presented to CEOs from different Asian countries and the award ceremony  is part of the annual Asian Banker Summit – Asia’s most important event for the Financial Services Industry - which will be held in May 2015.

André Thibeault gladly invited the invitation: “The Risk Management Awards are quite important and cover Asia, Australia and the Pacific Rim. As a Canadian-European I’m proud to be part of this big Asian event. Asia is where now the action is in banking. My role as a member of the Advisory Council is to review and cross-check the selection made by the Asian Banker organisation.”

The Asian Banker Summit consists of three parts running in parallel. The first two-day part on technology in banking is followed by two more days on international developments. The biggest part of the summit is the Risk Games Conference that runs for 3 days and that features the Vlerick Bank Simulation. The Risk Games Conference helps risk management teams to test and improve their decision making skills via highly-interactive scenario-based simulations and stress tests covering key areas in liquidity risks, capital management, market risks and risk appetite. Since the previous summit in 2014, André Thibeault has been co-chairman of the Risk Games Conference together with Professor Michael Ong (Illinois Institute of Technology, US).

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