Best Paper Awards for Vlerick faculty and researchers

Congratulations to our Vlerick professors and researchers who have recently won a Best Paper Award!

The paper “Shaping Environments Conducive to Creativity: The Role of Feedback, Autonomy, and Self-Concordance”, written by researcher Tina Davidson and professor Katleen De Stobbeleir has been awarded as a Best Paper in the Organisational Behaviour Division of the 2011 Academy of Management Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. A shortened version of their paper will be published in the Best Paper Proceedings and they will present their paper at the annual meeting in August.

Post-doctoral research associate Frank Goedertier, professor Bert Weijters and visiting professor Niraj Dawar have won the Best Paper Award at the 7th Global Brand Conference (Said Business School, Oxford University) with their paper “Do prototypical brands facilitate or impede the introduction of novel extensions?”.

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