Daniel Dobbeni becomes chairman of association uniting the 17 largest power grid operators

Daniel Dobbeni - Chairman of the Vlerick Energy Centre - was recently appointed chairman of GO15. Up until this appointment he was vice chairman of this unique initiative that unites seventeen of the largest power grid operators around the world. Together they serve over 3.4 billion customers and transport more than 70% of the world electricity demand.

Created 10 years ago to address the reliability challenges associated with the increased complexity of very large power grids, GO15 and its members are focused on a key objective: continued reliable delivery of power to the end consumer, at a reasonable cost, as the electricity industry is undergoing a major transition towards the new energy mix and a low carbon society.

The members operate within very different regional contexts: some deal with the modernisation of an aging infrastructure initially designed for traditional sources of energy, while others deal with the rapid expansion of energy needs of fast-developing economies. But all deal with the same goal: keeping the supply and demand in balance at all times.

Daniel Dobbeni is honoured to be elected as chairman: “During our 10-year of existence, our power systems have witnessed more changes than what has happened during the previous 50 years. And new for our industry, most of these changes have been driven directly or indirectly by policies instead of technology. Despite this fast changing context, reliability and security of supply were either maintained or improved. A better understanding of each other's challenges and opportunities as well as the exchange of best practices has allowed several members to deploy much faster and at lower cost innovative processes and solutions. Together with the two vice-presidents, our Secretary General, our chairs and the secretariat, I will do my best to further develop this unique platform in the spirit of the founding fathers also taking account today's and tomorrow's evolving and challenging context”.

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