Disruptive entrepreneurship: daring, innovating, conquering

Globalisation and digitisation are extending the boundaries of enterprises. Competitors are appearing from unexpected corners of the world, and customers are enjoying more and more power. This reality creates tremendous opportunities for companies that dare to innovate. Under the title ‘Daring, Innovating, Conquering’, this year’s Voka Congress focuses on the many possibilities that disruptive technologies and other trends present to our organisations in Flanders.

Vlerick professor Stijn Viaene will be delivering a keynote speech on digital transformation and the ExConomy, a framework that describes the realities of the digital economy for incumbent organisations, by means of four dimensions. By building organisational capabilities, companies can prepare themselves to be a disruptor rather than to be a victim of disruption. He will also share the results of a survey that has been sent to the Voka members, probing for the disruptive (digital) trends they are experiencing:  additive manufacturing, the use of SMACIT technologies (social, mobile, analytics, cloud, internet of things), the sharing economy, etc. How do these trends force them to transform their companies? What are their expectations for the future of their companies? 

11 May at 4 pm
Tour & Taxis, Havenlaan 86c, 1000 Brussel
Subscriptions via www.voka.be/vokacongres

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