Europe’s energy market – now and in the future

Our Future Grid Managers Programme has been inspiring professionals from transmission and distribution system operators across Europe. At the end of her programme Yvonne Coughlan, Manager Planning Standards & Tariffs at Eirgrid (Ireland), is truly convinced of its relevance: “It was a great insight into future trends and uncertainties - and opportunities for innovation within my company. I specifically gained key learnings on scenario planning and how it can be applied to define a strategy and identify various visions of the future energy system. Also interesting was the broader perspective on the European energy market and the business models of other utilities. As for the learning experience I really enjoyed the combination of excellent speakers and case studies to illustrate the theory. I valued the interesting class discussions and the opportunities to network with colleagues from across Europe.”

The next 11-day programme starts in October - and will include three on-site modules at Caruna in Helsinki, RTE in Paris and ENEL in Rome. These modules will further enhance the link between our research and the experience in the field. “Via case studies and company presentations we will grasp the specific energy context of each of these companies and countries. How diverse as they may be, there are also many common denominators, uniting them on a European level,” says Programme Manager Kenne D’hoker.

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