Gino Van Ossel wins PIM Marketing Literature Prize 2014

On Thursday evening, 27 November, in Utrecht, the book Omnichannel in retail by Vlerick Professor Gino Van Ossel was lauded as the most innovative marketing book of 2014. The book 'Customer Innovation' by Vlerick Professor Marion Debruyne finished in the top 3 as well. Both books have also been nominated in Belgium for Marketing Book of the Year.

Each year, the PIM Marketing Literature Prize is awarded by the Platform Innovation in Marketing (PIM), in collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam (among other partners). The prize goes to the author who, in the jury’s opinion, has been the most successful in conveying in book form his/her innovative insights in the field of marketing. The goal of the PIM Marketing Literature Prize is to stimulate innovation in the Dutch marketing discipline, to bring good publications to the attention of marketing and sales managers, and to focus attention on high-quality and innovative Dutch marketing publications that contribute to the further development of the marketing field.

About the book

As a retail manager, you’re fully aware that change is needed. You don’t really need the doomsayers who are predicting the end of the physical store.

Still, several questions quickly arise:

  • Which direction should you take in practice?
  • Why is it not enough to simply launch a webshop and let the consumer pick up his order at the store?
  • What if stores would no longer exist?

In this book, Gino Van Ossel provides a concrete solution. He speaks up for omnichannel in retail by making the customer central instead of the store. With pertinent questions, clear models, and handy checklists, Prof Van Ossel guides retailers and brand-name manufacturers in their search for the right answers tailored to their own business and sector.

Based on these new insights Vlerick Business School organises a course of the same name ‘Omnichannel in Retail’.


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