“A global mindset is a prerequisite to lifting your impact as a leader to the next level”

We are living in an ever more globalised, complex and digital world that requires a different kind of leader. How do we make sense of the global socio-economic landscape? How can we grasp the opportunities created by new technologies? And how can businesses also take societal challenges into account and deliver a positive impact on the community? In order to answer these questions, Vlerick Business School is launching a new Global Executive MBA programme in the spring of 2020. We asked Professor Martin Weiss (Programme Director Global Executive MBA) and Yolanda Habets (Head of MBA Programmes) to talk us through the details of this immersive journey in leadership transformation.

Creating more impactful leaders

The Global Executive MBA programme is in many ways different from the existing Executive MBA and the online MBA. “As for the participants, we are aiming at more experienced professionals who already have a certain degree of strategic decision-making power within their organisation,” says Martin Weiss. “We want to support them in taking the next step towards becoming impactful leaders by providing them with a global mindset and the most recent thinking on managerial topics. We want to show them how they can go from managing to leading and how they can truly leave a mark with their career and the decisions they make – impacting not only profits but also people and planet. Our ultimate goal is to create better leaders who can really have a positive impact on our society.”

Blended learning allows for flexibility

The composition of the Global Executive MBA is also very different from the rest of the Vlerick MBA portfolio, as Yolanda Habets explains: “Six residential modules are alternated with five online modules that can be completed at your own pace. By doing so, we combine the flexibility of an online learning experience with the advantages of face-to-face interaction with peers, faculty and industry experts. The programme is clearly driven by the market, with customers asking for more flexibility, more personalisation, and also more bite-size learning blocks that are available when they need them and that can be put into practice immediately. The days of organising a programme around extensive and successive blocks of HR, accounting, etc. are over. Instead, customers are looking to business schools to bridge different topics for them as an integrated learning journey.”

International immersion

Leading businesses today means leading across boundaries, borders and cultures. That’s why the 6 one-week residential modules are taking participants across the globe to immerse them in diverse business contexts. Apart from two modules in Belgium, we are taking them to the US, Brazil, Spain and South Korea. Martin Weiss: “In these modules, we will be tackling highly topical themes that are at the forefront of current thinking and that we believe are necessary for business leaders of today and tomorrow. Following an outside-in logic, we will start from a very wide perspective, focusing on the socio-economic and political landscape. Then, we will slowly zoom in – via, for example, the technological landscape (AI, Machine Learning) and the latest trends in developing your value chain – ultimately, to reach the immediate effects on your own people and organisation. The locations in which we will be teaching have not been chosen randomly. For example, South Korea is considered to be the most innovative country in the world. Consequently, we chose this country to deliver the module focusing on innovation: not only to provide the participants with the skills to be able to innovate and transform their businesses, but also to be inspired by an economy and ecosystem at the forefront of such ambitions.”

The international one-week modules are alternated with online modules on business fundamentals – covering accounting, finance,  strategy, international business and entrepreneurship. “In the end, it’s our ambition to link all of the modules together into one coherent learning journey. By exploring various dimensions, questioning various perspectives, and analysing challenges and opportunities, we aim to empower our participants with a global mindset and advanced strategic thinking capabilities so that they will have a powerful and positive impact on society,” Martin Weiss concludes.

Start date: 19 April 2020
Duration: 15 months
Target audience: Professionals with at least 10 years of relevant full-time working experience, who are currently in a managerial or influential role with strategic impact in their organisation.
Tuition fee: €55,000 (first year €30,000 – second year €25,000)
Application process: Complete the application pack and choose a date for your Vlerick Business School Admissions Test (VBAT), either on campus or virtual.

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