Ivey Business School becomes an associate partner in MBA-FSI

Vlerick Business School and the University of St. Gallen will be joining forces with Canada’s Ivey Business School, which has become an associate partner in MBA-FSI, the specialist executive MBA course for the financial sector. MBA-FSI will therefore remain true to its mission, which is to offer a genuinely international MBA.  Ivey has begun the approval process with its university to become a full partner in MBA-FSI by the next programme start in October 2016. Nonetheless, a number of changes to the current offering have already been introduced to allow Ivey to get involved. For the module in China, the Beijing location is being replaced by Hong Kong, to leverage Ivey’s campus location there. The module in Singapore is also being replaced by a module in Canada. Both the partnership with this top university and the changes of location were met with an enthusiastic welcome by the current participants.
Ivey Business School was founded in 1922 and is the Faculty of Business at Western University. It was the first institution in Canada to offer MBA, PhD and Executive Education programmes. In 2014, Bloomberg Businessweek put them at the top of its list of International MBA Programmes. Ivey is well known for its reputation in the area of case teaching, says Professor Mark Vandenbosch, Associate Dean, Programs from Ivey: “We are the second largest producer of business cases in the world, second only to Harvard. Ivey is focused on experiential learning and the case-method offers one of the best ways to deliver on that goal. Participant-centred learning allows theoretical learning and leadership development to occur in context. Strengthening leadership capabilities is an essential element of all learning experiences at Ivey so the classes allow for plenty of interaction. We look forward to bringing that experience to MBA-FSI.”
In addition to their main campus building in London, Ontario, Ivey also manages a residential Executive Education facility nearby.  Ivey’s other Canadian campus is in the Toronto stock exchange building; right in the heart of Canada's financial district. Finally, there is a third campus in Hong Kong, which is widely known to symbolize the new China and for its more Western-oriented financial practices.
“We are delighted to be able to collaborate with this outstanding business school for MBA-FSI,” says Programme Director and Vlerick professor Kurt Verweire. “Globally, it is the second largest player in the production of case studies, and it delivers outstanding expertise in the area of leadership, two things which will greatly add value to the course. In addition, Canada has an interesting financial market, as the country has been relatively unaffected by the financial crisis. In contrast to the US, Canadian banks pursue a highly conservative and cautious policy. As a result, many Canadian banks suddenly became the strongest banks in the world after the crisis. It goes without saying that they have not been completely immune, but they did not suffer any serious setbacks. We are therefore looking forward to joining forces in the very near future and to designing this unique MBA course for the financial sector together.”
As an existing course partner, the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland is also extremely pleased with this new partnership, says Professor Peter Maas: “We are very happy to welcome Ivey Business School to our well-proven and successful partnership between Vlerick Business School and the University of St. Gallen. For more than 15 years MBA-FSI is well positioned in the global executive education market and is feeding a constantly growing network of alumni and alumnae across the globe. To proceed on this successful path and to develop the programme further we are convinced that the integration of Ivey will help us to sustain the USP as well as the global reach of the MBA-FSI programme.”


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