Lean Competency Accreditation of Operational Excellence training has been renewed

Cardiff University’s Lean Competency Services department recently extended its accreditation of Vlerick Business School’s Operational Excellence programme for 2 years. Having received the Lean Competency accreditation for the first time in 2007, this is the 5th time in a row that the Lean Competency committee grants a full 2 year extension.

With this re-accreditation, we continues to be part of a select network of training providers that is authorised to award Lean Competency System qualifications to successful participants of its lean training programme ‘Operational Excellence’.

Professor Ann Vereecke (Programme Director): “We are very proud to share the positive results of the re-accreditation of our Operational Excellence training, because this official certificate underlines the quality of our programme. The assessment committee especially praised the excellent balance of high academic standards and business relevance in the coursework. Participants who successfully complete the Operational Excellence training and assignments have knowledge and understanding of lean improvement techniques, gain insights into the wider implications of lean in the business and can actively participate in lean implementation activities. It are exactly these competencies that organisations now look for in improvement projects.”

Benefits of the international Lean Competency System

For organisations the benefit of the Lean Competency system is to target specific levels of lean oriented knowledge required for different employee groups and also to identify standards for recruitment of staff, particularly where a high level of lean knowledge and experience is a prerequisite of the job.

For individuals, as an employee or independent professional, the Lean Competency system is used for personal development & growth planning, and to provide recognition for lean oriented knowledge and experience a person has gained.

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