LoQutus becomes Prime Foundation Partner

LoQutus, a ten-year-old IT company focusing on how to automate and monitor business processes, recently became a Prime Foundation Partner of Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. “Vlerick’s expertise as a management school can help enhance our knowledge in the field of enterprise architecture,” explains Joachim Vanden Brande, Managing Director of LoQutus. “This concept may be well known in the US and UK, but in the Flemish market there is a lot of evangelism to do.”

Professor Stijn Viaene, Partner at Vlerick and Head of the Operations and Technology Management Competence Centre, agrees: “The concept of enterprise architecture is actually a way to look at the totality of the investments you are making in information systems from a systems point of view. LoQutus has the ambition to position this concept within the field of general management. They want to get it out of the IT arena and into the hearts and minds of senior business managers.