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    Students provide proof of strategy

    Date: 16/02/2018
    Category: Student News
    If you are a Masters in Financial Management student and you want to know what private equity is really all about, what better organisation could you choose to gain experience with than Gimv? When our chair partner Gimv came looking for two students to analyse their investment portfolio as an in-company project, Glenn Velle and Elynn Verhoeven didn’t have to think twice.
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    Why leaders should stimulate a growth mindset

    Date: 14/02/2018
    Category: Opinions
    Your mindset has a extremely large impact on your own behaviour, but also on the behaviour of your employees and thus on the success of your company. So do not hide behind your safe leadership position as a leader, but help your employees develop a growth mindset. Opinion by Professor Katleen De Stobbeleir on the importance of a growth mindset.
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