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    “Compromises tend to be unsustainable”

    Date: 20/10/2017
    Category: Opinions
    Good CFOs will transcend the bounds of their remit and look beyond the financial horizon. True mastery of their profession requires more than just an open mind: these days a new skill set is required as well. What does a CFO need to operate in the modern business world? Interview with professor Katia Tieleman on the importance of negotiation for CFOs.
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    Catalonia loses the economic crown and € 6.73 bn (at least)

    Date: 19/10/2017
    Category: Opinions
    The independent movement in Catalonia has resulted in numerous large corporations moving their legal headquarters to other regions of Spain. The diaspora started months ago but it has accelerated along with the Catalan institutional and democratic crisis. Calculations by professor David Veredas show a negative expected GDP growth for Catalonia of at least -0.18%. Catalonia is no more the first economic powerhouse of Spain.
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